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Everything About Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles under eyes are dark shadows that sometimes run around the entire eye. Since the skin under and around the eyes is very thin and has little sub-fatty tissue, the blood vessels shimmer through and achieve a bluish-purple to brown color. Dark circles are not to be confused with bruises, as these occur after an impact. Dark circles under eyes cause vary, from a sleepless night to nutrient deficiencies. Dark circles under the eyes are often perceived as unsightly, giving those affected tired and unhealthy looks. But if some advice is followed, dark circles treatment is possible in Turkey.

What causes dark circles under your eyes?

Dark circles and bags under eyes can have many different causes. Most are harmless and can be treated through a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, however, serious health problems can be behind it. Possible reasons for dark circles are:

Genetic predisposition:

In some cases, the dark circles and bags under eyes are congenital, i.e. the skin areas of family members are generally darker pigmented compared to other people or the skin allows the blood vessels to shine through more. If, apart from all other causes, the dark circles under the eyes persist, the reason may be a genetic predisposition, and to remove dark circles under eyes may not be possible.


Excessive pigment storage in the skin occurs when melanins accumulate in individual areas. This can be genetically determined or, factors such as UV radiation, drugs, or skin diseases promote pigmentation. So this is not a problem in which blood vessels shine through, but the skin itself causes dark circles to form. Cosmetic products like under eye lightening cream can be effective in brightening the area.

Lack of sleep:

A common cause of dark circles under eyes is insufficient or poor quality sleep. The dark circles arise because the muscles around the eyes are overstrained and therefore have more blood supply. The gathered blood creates darkness under eyes. As soon as you’ve had a good night’s sleep, those circles should disappear on their own.

Working with a computer:

When the eyes are under a lot of strain, the eye muscles use more oxygen. And since the oxygen supply takes place via the blood, the eye area is supplied with more blood and the blood vessels shimmer through the thin skin to a greater extent. Regular breaks and spending time outdoors can give your eyes a rest and thus avoid periorbital dark circles.

Nutrient deficiency:

Menstruating people are particularly affected by iron deficiency. This leads to an undersupply of the blood with oxygen and causes dark circles under the eyes, tiredness, and chronic exhaustion. A deficiency in the trace element zinc can also cause dark circles under the eyes. Zinc plays an important role in metabolism and the immune system. An undersupply leads to anemia, which is noticeable, among other things, in dark circles under the eyes and a weakened immune system. Dark circles and under eye bags treatment in Turkey require an adequate supply of vitamin K. Eating a balanced diet can prevent nutrient deficiencies. Especially whole grain products, green vegetables, and nuts contain a lot of iron, zinc, and vitamin K, helping you get rid of under eye bags and dark circles.

Fluid retention:

Excessive salt consumption can lead to water retention in the body, and this also affects the eyes and causes bags under eyes in men and women. Salt reduction and drinking a lot of water can counteract dark circles and puffiness.

Alcohol, smoking, and coffee:

Alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine can dehydrate the body and reduce blood oxygen levels, which can lead to dark circles. It is therefore important to drink enough water, especially if these stimulants and toxins are consumed.


There are numerous systemic diseases that can lead to dark circles, including allergic reactions, neurodermatitis, diabetes mellitus, glandular fever, and organ dysfunction such as renal insufficiency and liver diseases, e.g. hepatitis and fatty liver. Certain diseases can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle, as, for example, excessive alcohol consumption promotes the formation of a fatty liver. Other diseases, such as kidney problems, can also promote fluid accumulation, called edema, which makes the eyes look swollen and form bags under eyes.

How to Cure Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

It is best to find the cause of the dark circles so that the problem can be tackled at the roots, i.e. get enough sleep if you are exhausted or adjust your diet if you have an unbalanced diet. On some days, however, the dark circles are simply annoying and you want to get rid of them for a short time. You can use an under eye dark circle concealer to quickly cover them. However, even the best eye cream for dark circles may cause allergic reactions. If you experience redness or burning, wash your face with clean water and see a doctor.

How can I surgically treat under-eye circles and under-eye bags?

Fat transfer from another part of the body to fill a trough on the skin can be used as an alternative to dermal fillers for the treatment of dark circles in the under-eye area. This requires a small amount of liposuction for harvesting of fat in an area such as the tummy, and then includes the injection of this fat in under-eyes and face areas that require adding volume again. The transferred fat reproduces again in its new position, and acts similarly to dermal filling to soften or smoothen the area under the eyes. Fat transfer should be considered a permanent procedure. For that reason, it is necessary to fill the area because more surgeries may be necessary to remove any lumps or excess fat. However, fat is advantageous because it is hydrophilic, and it is seen that once the fat settles in place, it causes more waving in volume compared to dermal filling materials. A lower eyelid blepharoplasty can be performed to surgically remove excess skin and fat under the eyes for the treatment of dark circles in the under-eye area. In some cases, removal of fat / skin under the eyes may worsen the general appearance of eyes by causing eyes to look hollower.

Alternative Solutions for Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

There are numerous home remedies that are supposed to help against those annoying dark circles, but you should find out for yourself what works best. Basically, it’s all about cooling the eye area to minimize puffiness and keep the skin hydrated. For example, cucumber slices, moist tea bags, or cold spoons can be placed on the eyes for a few minutes. To moisturize the skin, a gentle massage with high-quality oil, such as almond oil, can stimulate blood circulation and reduce dark circles.

Cosmetics can also help. The circles under the eyes can be covered with suitable products. There are also various care products for the eyes, from anti-aging to tightening. The dark circles under the eyes can be treated medically if the other methods are not sufficient. However, the causes are also sought and the treatment sometimes serves to eliminate the basic problem. Cosmetic eye surgery options involving injections of hyaluronic acid are frequently performed. Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous filler that pads the skin from the inside. As a result, the dark blood veins show through less, and the shadows are reduced.

Alternatively, the padding can also be done with autologous fat. The fat is taken from the buttocks or thighs and processed. Then, like hyaluronic acid, it is injected into the skin around the eyes to give it more volume. However, the padding does not last forever and must be renewed every few months. However, if the problem is hyperpigmentation, medications can reduce the melanin in the skin and produce a bleaching effect. Another treatment for hyperpigmentation is the destruction of the pigments with a laser treatment.

Are Dark Circles Dangerous?

In most cases, dark circles are not dangerous. If you don’t have any other symptoms besides frequent dark circles under your eyes, you don’t usually have to worry. However, if the dark circles appear suddenly and seemingly without reason, last longer, and are even accompanied by other symptoms, it is worth consulting a doctor for clarification.

Am I A Good Candidate For Under Eye Treatment?

The patients that complain that their under-eyes have an empty appearance, and bruises and fat pockets in their under-eyes are getting bigger are usually candidates for this treatment. Picking patients that are suitable for under-eye light filling treatment in Turkey is a process that requires expert opinion. Perfect candidates should have a good skin flexibility and adequate skin thickness. Because of these reasons, not everyone can be a good candidate for under-eye light filling treatment in Turkey. In addition, innovative ways are sometimes found to treat the patients that are not ideal candidates. This sometimes includes gradual treatments.

Opinions of Patients

In Vanity Clinic, our main goal is to give our patients top quality service, and to make sure our patients have this important experience in a way they would be the most pleasant, by being there for them for all of their needs in this step they took to change themselves. Listen to the Vanity experience from our patients.

Patient Reviews

Fear of Aesthetic Surgery

Ms Ayça was suspicious, even prejudiced about having an aesthetic surgery. However, once she built up her courage, she was ready.

The Right Choice

Ka, our patient from abroad mentions the difference our team makes when explaining he loved the results of the revision surgery she underwent.

The Impact of a Trustworthy Doctor

Ms Büşra was quite worried about breast augmentation surgery until she consulted Dr. Güray. Her smile is enough to see how happy she is with her choice.

Which dermal filling materials are used?

The most widely used filling materials used for the tear trough area are made from a material called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid consists of cross linked sugar chains to give it a gel consistency. Forms of hyaluronic acid can naturally be found on the skin, eyes and joints of the body

One of the advantages of filling materials made of hyaluronic acid is reversibility. This material called hyaluronidase can be injected in the area to dissolve the filling material. This does not affect your normal skin or tissues, and it only affects dermal filling material. When left alone, the filling material made of hyaluronic acid will be permanent for a few years in the tear trough area. The difficulty of using filling materials made of hyaluronic acid are their natural hydrophilic nature, which means that it absorbs water. This may cause difficulties in guessing the amount of filling material that needs to be injected. For this reason, it is necessary to estimate the hydration amount that will occur later before filling the area.

Before the Dark Circles Under Eyes Procedure

Avoid taking alcohol and blood thinning medicine such as Aspirin and Motrin in the days before the treatment. Treating the under-eye area with filling material is almost painless, and it takes 20-30 minutes. A topical anesthetic may be applied prior to injection to ease any kind of discomfort.


Having a healthy diet is important for the patients in the weeks prior to any kind of aesthetic procedure. A correct diet would accelerate healing and minimize the risk of infection. Patients should especially eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, whole grains and non-fat protein.


Patients should inform their doctor about all the medicine they are currently using when getting ready for aesthetic procedures. The doctor may temporarily stop the patient’s use of a medicine, or they may suggest a safer alternative. Patients should especially not use aspirin, ibuprofen and blood thinners.


Use of tobacco slows down the blood flow in the whole body. Because the oxygen cannot reach incision areas very quickly, smokers may encounter longer periods of recovery, higher risk of infection and unfavorable scars.You should stop smoking at least 2 weeks before the operation.

Food Supplements

Patients should avoid certain food and supplements that may slow down recovery and cause surgical complications. They should especially avoid vitamin E supplements, ginger, ginkgo and ginseng

Consult the Doctor

Certain homeopathic and vegetable supplements may cause complications with anesthesia. For that reason, patients should first consult their doctor before taking additional supplements.

Alcohol Consumption

Many doctors advise patients not to drink during weeks before their surgery, because alcohol may affect the liver’s ability to metabolize.

During the Under-Eye Light Filling Procedure

The procedure is usually done in the clinic on outpatients, and takes about 5 minutes for either side. After the treatment, our patients can go home on their own and go back to their normal activities and work.


After a comprehensive evaluation and marking of the area that is going to be treated, the skin is cleaned thoroughly to minimize the risk of infection. Afterwards, a small needle fills the gap by slowly proceeding towards under the skin. The product is placed smoothly and decently with 3-5 injections for each side on average to decrease textural disorders on the surface. A soft massage can be applied to soften the area after the injection is completed.


Although many patients do not experience pain, mild discomfort may be experienced when injection is applied, during the treatment or during the massage that ensures a smooth contour. We use topical and injectable anesthetics to minimize pain. Some bruising and/or swelling may occur. However, these usually disappear in approximately a week. Filling material will sink, feel soft and be an inseparable part of the skin around the eyes in a few days.

After the Under-Eye Light Filling Procedure

Some bruising and/or mild swelling may occur after the surgery, but these usually disappear in about a week. Filling material will sink, feel soft and be an inseparable part of the skin around the eyes in a few days. Then, the only thing you will need is ice, and avoiding heavy exercise in the following 24 hours.


As it is in every injection, mild redness may occur right after the operation. Make up can be applied to hide it.

Going Back to Work

You can go back to your normal activities, your work or go home by yourself after the treatment.

Be Careful

You are advised to avoid excess heat (parasol or sunbathing) or intense cold in the 2 weeks following the surgery.

What Should You Expect?

Dermal filling material is injected under the eye during the treatment. Most of the time, only 1 ml of dermal filling material is necessary to inject in under the eyes, which is injected less than half a milliliter in each eye. Some patients undergo a second treatment 6-9 months after the first treatment. A third treatment may be suggested after months to get the desired effect.

Every injection session takes place at our clinic and takes less than an hour. Only the doctors who are qualified and who received a comprehensive education should apply dermal filling materials. Injectable filling materials are used together with anesthesia. When the needle penetrates the skin, patients usually feel a light pinch. Many small injections are done in the under-eye area to fill the skin in a smooth distribution. You can instantly leave the clinic after the injections. You can contact our patient clients for under eye filler Istanbul applications.

Recovery Process

During the first four hours after the injection, patients are encouraged to stand straight to allow the filling to settle. Tiring activities and exercises should be postponed for 24 hours. Make-up can be applied next week. Because the tissues will be too sensitive, it is important that patients avoid tanning, peeling and facial care for five to seven weeks. Patients may expect subtle bruising and redness on the area of injection in the first few days after the injection. Ice treatment can be used to decrease any kind of swelling. These side effects may disperse in the first week.

The benefits of under-eye light filling in Turkey, which is a non-invasive procedure, will last 8 to 12 months, and may last longer in certain situations. When the result starts to disappear, repeater injections are necessary to create healthy and younger looking eyes.

Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

Be informed about the security of plastic surgery to have a general list to ask your surgeon about their past. Following these suggestions and asking these questions may help plan your procedure:


Am I a suitable candidate for under-eye light filling?

Ask The Doctor

Are the results I expect from under-eye light filling plausible and realistic?


Are there before and after photos for this procedure?

Surgery Marks

Will there be a visible scar? Where will the scars be?


What kind of anesthetic is used?

What You Should Do?

What should I do to get the best result?

Recovery Process

What kind of recovery period can I expect and when can I start doing normal activities?

Risks and Complications

What are the risks and complications of this procedure?


How are complications prevented?

Ask The Doctor

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes dark circles under eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes are mostly due to translucent blood vessels (hereditary or the result of, for example, sleep, fluid or iron deficiency, alcohol consumption, smoking, drug abuse, kidney or thyroid diseases). However, some dark circles are also caused by hyperpigmentation of the skin (hereditary or the result of, for example, increased UV radiation, certain skin diseases, drugs, or certain medications).

How to get rid of under eye circles?

Dark circles can usually be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle. And once they show up, they usually go away on their own. If you pay attention to a low-stress level, treat yourself to relaxation, eat well, drink a lot of water, and exercise, dark circles should not be a problem.

How to remove under eye circles?

Iron supplements for iron deficiency or therapy for underlying kidney or thyroid diseases may remove circles. For hyperpigmentation, using lightening creams, laser therapy, or injection of autologous fat in the area under the eyes can be considered.

How to hide under eye circles?

Make sure you get enough sleep and drink enough. Drink alcohol in moderation and avoid smoking altogether. If that doesn’t help, you can use concealers. With these special cosmetic creams, you can at least temporarily hide the dark circles under the eyes.

Why do dark circles form?

There are basically two different reasons for the formation of dark circles under the eyes: hyperpigmentation and the appearance of blood vessels through the thin skin.

Can you get a dimple removed?

You can temporarily remove dimples by getting dermal fillers, fat grafting or botox.

What vitamins are good for dark circles under the eyes?

Iron, zinc, and vitamin K play crucial roles in treating dark circles.

What should we eat to remove dark circles under the eyes?

You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin K, meat, and wholegrain and drink lots of water.

What are the best products for dark circles?

Brightening serums, creams that contain vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, eye masks with caffeine, and retinol gels are among the best products for dark circles.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a type of natural sugar that is found in our skin, joints and tissues. It helps the skin stay fresh and hydrated, and bonds with water to plump the skin and ensure it looks young and healthy. Some face creams include hyaluronic acid to hydrate the surface layers of the skin.

What are Restylane and Belotero?

Restylane and Belotero consist of hyaluronic acid gel. They are frequently used to treat face wrinkles such as nasolabial folds and thin lines. These two filling materials are very suitable for the under-eye area.

Is under-eye light filling painful?

Patients are surprised that there is almost no discomfort during the treatment of the under-eye area. Despite this, Doctor Güray applies a topical anesthetic cream before the treatment to resolve any kind of discomfort.

Should I contact my doctor if I notice asymmetry on my face before 4 weeks pass?

No. There is no need for you to call your doctor. Sometimes asymmetry occurs because one side swells or bruises more. Usually, this will have disappeared on its own by the time of your control appointment. Otherwise, it may be examined at a control appointment. There is no meaning behind why asymmetry occurs soon, because swelling is often the case and the final result cannot be seen until at least 2 weeks later. Treating asymmetry too soon may cause more asymmetry. The other thing that should be considered is that many patients have asymmetric tears in the first place.

Is the procedure reversible in case I am unhappy with the results?

Most of the filling material Doctor Güray uses during his procedure are hyaluronic acid (HA) based filling materials. These are composed of hyaluronic acid which is a natural product that is found in our skin and joints. The product is not permanent, and may last more than 6 months depending on where it is injected and the type of hyaluronic acid based filling material. The best thing about these products is that reverse is possible in situations when the patient is not satisfied with the results. The doctors examine their patient for a second perspective, and the patient may have visible modules of filling material on their skin. This may occur in case when filling material is not injected deep enough on the suitable tissue surfaces. When this occurs with the application of a HA product, we have the option to “remove” the product by injecting an enzyme to disintegrate the filling material. The enzyme is safe, and can be applied in a clinic just like the original filling procedure the patient had.

What are the difficulties about the use of dermal filling materials in the treatment of dark circles in under-eyes?

Under-eye area is possibly the most difficult area on the face to treat with dermal filling materials. Patients criticize the area a lot especially after having the treatment; this usually results from wishing perfection or perfect smoothness. However, the search for perfection is full of problems. Firstly, the skin is very thin there, and any small defect is easily visible. Secondly, hyaluronic acid-based dermal filling materials have the tendency to moisten in a few days after the surgery and increase the size; and this makes the estimation of the amount to be injected difficult. Thirdly, placement of the filling material and understanding the place of the filling under the skin difficult.

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