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Everything about Buccal Fat Removal

Thanks to bichectomy in Turkey, it is now possible to have thinner lines on your face.

Thick and plump lips, a thin face, an upright nose, a small jaw are effective in the overall beauty of a face. The percentage of each facial structure and the aesthetic harmony of the face with these percentage values are expressed as the Golden Ratio. If a person has a face with this golden ratio, it can be said that he/she has an aesthetically perfect face.

Bichectomy is an operation to extract the excess fats in the cheeks which is known as one of the most aesthetically important areas of our face and to fix possible deformations. This cheek fat can cause a person to look more overweight than he/she actually is. Especially for women, cheeks with a lot of adipose tissue can look full and attractive at a young age, but as the individual ages, this tissue starts to sag and loses its attractiveness. With bichectomy surgery by removing cheek fat this appearance can be improved and satisfactory results can be obtained.

What Is Buccal Fat Removal (Bichectomy Surgery)?

An ideal face requires a thin structure and pronounced lines. Sometimes, the person’s face and cheek structure may make him/her look overweight even when the individual is in his/her ideal weight. Bichectomy surgery in Turkey is performed by removing excess adipose tissue in the cheek area of the patient. Bichectomy surgery, also called “Hollywood cheek surgery”, reveals cheekbones, giving a slimmer and younger look on the face.

The application is carried out making a small incision inside the mouth and removing nearly 40% of the adipose tissue in that area. In this process, which takes an average of half an hour, there is no aesthetically disturbing image because the cut mark stays inside the mouth. Minor swelling may occur after the procedure. It is important for the patient to keep his/her mouth clean after the bichectomy operation. The result of the procedure is clearly revealed within 3-4 weeks.

How Is Buccal Fat Removal Performed?

After the necessary control processes, an incision of 1.5 cm is made inside the mouth. By reaching in the adipose tissue, the excess cheek fat is removed and the incision is closed with absorbable sutures. Although the fat tissue extracted in bichectomy surgery occupies a large area in the cheeks, they are not much in quantity. However, this extracted fat can also be used to close small deformities in the facial area.

Is Buccal Fat Removal Painful?

Bichectomy (Buccal fat removal extraction) is a painless procedure. The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. Only the small needles can be felt during the application. No pain is felt during the procedure.

Why Is Bichectomy Done?

Bichectomy surgery in Turkey is a recommended operation for both men and women. Proper planning should be carried out for men and women due to different facial structures.

Buccal fat pad removal can be easily preferred to address the aesthetic concerns listed below.

– Unpronounced and small cheekbones

– Square or round face caused by excess adipose tissue in the cheek area

Bichectomy surgery in Turkey has very successful results, especially in the young age group. The cheeks of these individuals can sag for genetic reasons and may appear round due to the existing fat layer. After the buccal fat pad removal procedure, this disproportion is eliminated and a satisfactory image can be achieved.

You can contact our consultants for buccal fat removal before and after photos.

What Are The Decision Making Stages Of Bichectomy Operation?

First, a meeting is held between the doctor and the patient. The patient’s facial structure is analyzed to see if he/she is suitable for surgery. Afterwards, the patient’s expectations are evaluated and the appearance he/she wants to reach is discussed. After the decisions about these issues are made, information is given about the bichectomy surgery.

Considerations to be taken before bichectomy surgery, anesthesia, surgical process, postoperative healing process, issues to be considered after surgery are discussed.

The patient’s medical history is evaluated.

The planning phase is completed by determining the date of surgery.

Is Bichectomy A Risky Surgery?

Bichectomy surgery is classified as an easy and low-risk operation, but as with any operation, there are a number of low risk factors to be considered.

Complications such as risk of infection caused by poor oral hygiene, bleeding, swelling, wound formation in tongue, pain, numbness may be observed.

The surgeon who will perform the bichectomy İstanbul operation must have experience.

How Long Is The Recovery Period For A Bichectomy Operation?

The incision inside the mouth heals in about 1 week, leaving behind a scar that can hardly be seen. Bichectomy recovery period varies from person to person.

Who Are Suitable For Bichectomy Procedure?

Bichectomy İstanbul is performed on people with unpronounced facial features, who have a fuller and rounded face, to give them more pronounced cheekbones and concave cheeks and an oval facial appearance. Most women with high amounts of adipose tissue on their cheeks prefer this procedure.

Buccal Fat Removal For Men

Bichectomy can also be performed on male patients. However, less fat is removed from male patients due to their different facial structure.

What Are The Advantages Of Bichectomy?

In about 45 minutes, a much more aesthetically pleasing image can be achieved on the face which is one of the most aesthetically important areas of the body.

Excess fat extracted from the cheek area during the operation can be injected into the cheekbone area to obtain more pronounced cheeks.

Is Buccal Fat Removal Permanent?

Unlike many other operations performed in this region, the outcome of this procedure is permanent.

Are There Any Risks Involved For Bichectomy?

Even though bichectomy is classified as an easy and low-risk operation, as with any operation, there are a number of low risk factors to be considered. A large part of the reasons for the occurrence of these risks are caused due to the mistakes of the surgeon performing the procedure. Therefore, the professional knowledge, experience, results of previous surgeries of the surgeon who will perform the operation are important issues that need to be addressed. Whether the patient is suitable for the operation is another important factor that affects the risks.

Bichectomy İstanbul surgery has no harmful effects. A mild postoperative pain in the cheek area may be observed.

What Should Be Considered Before And After Bichectomy Surgery?

Before bichectomy, patients should not consume aspirin and other blood thinners. It is recommended to stop the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol 1 week in advance. It is important to stop smoking and alcohol consumption in order to speed up the bichectomy recovery process after the surgery. In case of regular medications, the surgeon who will perform the operation should be informed.

Each person’s healing process can be different. Edema may occur in the first days after surgery. Although edema is normal, these edema will usually disappear within the first week after the surgery. It usually takes 2 to 4 months to clearly see the effect of the operation on the cheeks. Alimentation after the surgery is very important. It is necessary to pay attention to the surgeon’s recommendations in this regard. Solid foods should not be consumed on the first day after bichectomy surgery. Chewing can damage the sutures inside the mouth. Therefore, on the first day after the surgery only liquid foods must be consumed. In the following days, solid foods can be gradually consumed. In order to prevent infection, attention should be paid to oral hygiene, smoking should absolutely be suspended after the procedure and the mouthwash that is prescribed should be frequently used. Within a few days, the sutures melt and the sensitivity disappears.

How To Eliminate Edema After Bichectomy?

Some amount of edema may occur after bichectomy. This is considered normal. With the application of ice compresses, the swelling disappears in a short amount of time.

What Are The Risks And Side Effects?

The risk of complications in bichectomy surgery is usually very low. It is important that the plastic surgeon has mastered the anatomical structure of the area where he/she will perform the procedure. In some cases, bleeding may occur.

Does Buccal Fat Grow Back?

Buccal fat removal can be performed under local anesthesia. Unlike other facial procedures it provides a permanent appearance. An average of 1 month after the operation, you might see the result od procedures.

How Long Does Buccal Fat Removal Last?

The buccal fat removal procedure takes approximately 30-45 minutes. The patient is eligible for same-day discharge.

Does Buccal Fat Removal Age You?

People who are not satisfied with their cheeks may need a buccal fat removal surgery. Buccal fat removal can improve the appearance but does not age you.

Can You Get Cheek Fat Removed?

In Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, you can receive very best results with buccal removal procedures as in other operations.

For detailed information about Bichectomy, you can contact with our consultants.

Last updated on: 19.02.2024 15:39
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