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Everything About Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Breast lift (Mastopexy) provides lifted more youthful breast shape. Surgery results should look natural like you have simply turned back time.

What is Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy is an operation where the surgeon repositions your nipple higher on your chest wall. In addition, the surgeon removes any excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissue. The procedure can also reduce the size of the areolas if they have become enlarged in time.

Pregnancy, weight loss and having large breasts are the most common causes that breasts get old fastly. In such cases, women dislike the appearance of their droopy breasts. Pregnancy, weight loss, and having large breasts are the most common causes that breasts get old fastly. In such cases, women dislike the appearance of their droopy breasts. Having a breast lift in Turkey (mastopexy) is a solution to rejuvenate their breasts that have a saggy or droopy appearance.

Who needs breast lift?

In mastopexy surgery is aimed at making the breasts appear tighter and more youthful by gently lifting the breast tissue.There are certain life changes like aging, significant weight loss, pregnancy, and nursing. These changes drive many women to seek the help of a plastic surgeon to lift their sagging breasts back.

Nipple Position

If the nipples are situated low, hitting at or below the natural fold of breast you may be a good candidate for a breast uplift in Turkey.

Breast Shape

If you feel that your breasts are unshapely or have lost their volume because of significant weight loss, childbirth, etc you might consider getting a boob lift in Turkey.

General Health

The most important factor in undergoing any surgery like a breast lift in Turkey is that you are in good health prior to your procedure. If you don’t have any medical or health conditions that may preclude you from a breast lift, you might be a good candidate for the mastopexy implant procedure.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) when Breastfeeding

If you’ve just had a baby, your breasts have naturally grown and are probably swollen due to the process of lactation. That’s why you shouldn’t consider mastopexy until you’re done breastfeeding and your breasts are back to their pre-baby size and shape.

Weight Goal

Weight gain can cause breasts to grow, so if you’re dieting and working out to lose weight, you shouldn’t undergo breast lift surgery in Turkey until you’ve reached your weight goal.

What to Consider Before a Breast Lift?

There are a few of the factors to consider in order to minimize post operative discomfort while in mastopexy recovery time and reduce the risk of complications for Mastopexy surgery.

Stop using alcohol and tobacco products before Breast Lift Operation in Turkey

If you use any tobacco you should stop, or limit your consumption of alcohol at least three weeks before your surgery. Completely stop using alcohol one week before your surgery. Both alcohol and tobacco can have a negative effect on the recovery process by increasing bruising, swelling, and discomfort.

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is a great way to give your body the support before mastopexy surgery. A healthy diet helps the Breast Lift recovery process after the surgery. So drink lots of water, eat healthy, balanced meals.

Practice sleeping on your back before Mastopexy surgery

After the boob lift surgery in Turkey, sleeping back will be the best position for resting. So, if you struggle to fall asleep on your back it might be a good idea to practice sleeping on your back before surgery.

Stop taking blood-thinning medications

At least three weeks before the date of your surgery you should stop taking any and all medications that contain aspirin or ibuprofen. You need to avoid certain vitamins and herbs because they can also cause blood thinning. Take only medicines that have been approved or prescribed by the surgeon.

Get a Mammogram or Ultrasonography

If you are younger than 40 years breast ultrasound is required before the mastopexy procedure. Moreover, if you are over 40 you need to get a mammography.

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How Breast Lift Surgery is Done?

A breast uplift or mastopexy is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure takes approximately 3 hours. The surgeon will remove extra skin and lift your breast tissue up into the proper location. Breast augmentation or breast reduction can also be applied.

If you wonder what a mastopexy procedure is? Let’s dig deeper. Breast uplift surgery in Turkey does not significantly change the size of your breasts or volume. If you want your breasts to look fuller, consider boob lift and breast augmentation. If you want smaller breasts, consider combining breast lift and breast reduction.

Patients with mild sagging are made by implanting silicone prosthesis under the breast. In the case of moderate and advanced sagging in the breasts, two different procedures will be performed. In moderate sagging, excess skin at the top of the breast is removed in the form of a ring. By recovering from the bottom of the breast tissue, the cuts will be closed. In advanced sagging, the same application will be performed while the breast recovers towards the lower side.

How Long Does a Breast Lift Last?

Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a highly popular choice for many who are after a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is no wonder that its effect would be different for everyone therefore it highly depends on age, diet, genetics and the methods followed during the breast uplift surgery in Turkey. Taking your own measurements by taking care of your skin while avoiding sudden weight gain and loss further helps it to last longer years. Going through a healthy recovery process, wearing a proper support for your breasts is also significant. Your doctor can help you throughout the process.

What to Expect After Breast Lift?

After the procedure is completed the surgeon will apply dressings or bandages to the incisions. Wearing a sports bra or elastic bandage to support the breasts and reduce swelling. Also, the surgeon temporarily places a small thin tube under the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect. This tube is removed on the 2nd day after the operation. The average length of stay at hospital is 1 day after breast lift in İstanbul.
Oral painkillers after surgery are sufficient. Pain treatment is sufficient for 48 hours. The surgical area should not come into contact with water for 3 days after the operation. As with any surgery, your body will need time to recover after breast lift surgery.

Try to Relax During The Breast Lift Recovery

The first few days following surgery are the most difficult part of the breast lift recovery process. During the mastopexy recovery time, you may be experiencing some pain and discomfort, but it is important to try to relax and move slowly. The first week after the mastopexy you should spend your time resting.

Wait for Back to Work

You may be ready to return to work after about a week. It is very important that patients avoid intense exercise and heavy lifting during the 4 weeks following mastopexy surgery.

Breast Lift Recovery

Post-op, it is not unusual to have significant swelling and bruises. After swelling in the breasts completely disappears, the results of the breast lift will be evident. Even after swelling has disappeared, the breasts continue to reshape for a while.


Bruising of the body is usually at approximately 48 hours after breast lift surgery. In two weeks most bruises will resolve.


Swelling can occur for 4 to 6 weeks after a breast lift. And also, in some cases, swelling may take up to 12 months to settle. If swelling lasts longer during the breast lift recovery than because this may be due to a complication you should ask to your surgeon.

Ice Packs

At home an ice cold pack may help to reduce swelling, bruising, and pain. Cold packs can be applied to the breasts in the first 48 hours after mastopexy surgery to help minimize swelling and bruising.

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Breast Lift or Mastopexy After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

The nine months of pregnancy are an exciting time for every women. After delivery Breastfeeding builds a bond between mother and child. This exciting and enjoyable process is also a time period that causes changes and deformation in women’s body. Therefore, women may need aesthetic touch which is called mommy makover. One of the most common concerns among new moms is sagging breasts. Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, is a procedure designed to raise and re-shape the breasts for a more youthful appearance.

After birth, your breasts may become enlarged, firm, and uncomfortable

Pregnancy and breastfeeding oftentimes bring about drastic changes to a woman’s breast tissue. Although breast changes during pregnancy and lactation are highly variable between women, much of the time breasts swell, stretching the skin and changing the shape of the breasts. After pregnancy and lactation are complete, breasts deflate and leave excess, saggy skin behind. After birth, your breasts may become enlarged, firm, and uncomfortable. This expansion continues as the breast is constantly overflowing during the breastfeeding.

Breast lift offers a solution for moms

Moms are now choosing to take control and renovate the appearance of their breasts by undergoing a breast lift surgery.A breast Lift also know as Mastopexy procedure involves the reshaping and lifting of the breast to cure severely droopy or sagging breasts. Mastopexy is performed under general anesthesia which lasts for about two hours. You should aviod strenuous exercise and heavy lifting to help ensure proper healing and avoid complications.

The results of your breast lift surgery will be long-lasting

After breast lifting, the underlying muscle structure needs to be determined in order to maintain the lifting for many years. Breast lift maintains volume to the breast that loses its volume due to weight loss. In this case, surgeon uses silicone for shaping the breast tissue.

Season is important for the surgery

It is important to pay attention to the choice of the season in breast lift surgery. With summer approaching, many women are considering breast lifting as a way of getting their bodies beach-ready. The best time to undergo a breast lifting procedure is before summer.

Breastfeeding after breast lift surgery

Most of the women are concerned that they will have problems with breastfeeding after the breast operations. Mastopexy does not usually prevent or limit breastfeeding ability.
After childbirth and breastfeeding, the change in the shape and the structure of the breast is not the same for every mother. Factors affecting this condition include the skin structure of the person, connective tissue, breast hanger bands, rib cage width, ratio of fat tissue with milk glands, and variability according to the size of the breast. You should choose an experienced surgeon to find out which breast aesthetic surgery will be more suitable.

The Benefits of Breast Lift

It is very important to share your needs and expectations in the most accurate way in the first consultation with your surgeon. In this consultation, the surgeon will evaluate the situation in all aspects and share realistic results with you. A good plastic surgeon determines a special approach, based on both the patient’s anatomy and personal expectations. The important point is the experience of a plastic surgeon to evaluate and apply the needs of the patient.

Here are 4 benefits of Mastopexy:

Improved looks

Breast lift surgery is the simplest way to improve the looks of your breasts. The first and most obvious benefit of the operation is that the breasts look much steeper and rounder just a few weeks after the procedure. This provides a more attractive look.

The increase of self-confidence

Some women are unhappy with the shape and position of their breasts. This dissatisfaction may cause self-distrust. Lack of self-confidence can affect many areas of life and can be a source of discomfort.Breast lift surgery is the greatest way to improve appearance. Your posture after operation improves and gives you a safer view.

Rejuvenate Your Look

Breasts hanging from various causes over time may appear deformed and old. With mastopexy, the position of the nipple can also be improved to make the nipples stand out. This makes the breasts look younger.

The solution to skin problems

Sagging breasts can cause irritation of the skin underneath. This regular rubbing can cause minor rashes or skin redness, which can be uncomfortable.

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