About Us

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital was founded in 2016 by M.D. Güray Yeşiladalı, Plastic Surgeon to present aesthetic and beauty solutions at the level of accessible luxury with Vanity warmth, trust and professional team.


As Vanity Family, it is our vision to make women who know themselves and care about themselves feel better and more confident with aesthetic and beauty solutions by our motto ‘Better You!’.

Happier and more confident women move the whole society forward.


With the warmth of Vanity, trust and professional team, we have made it our mission to bring aesthetic and beauty solutions, at the level of accessible luxury, to the highest number of women with the best experience and satisfaction.Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital keeps the comfort and satisfaction of its patients at the highest level with its expert plastic surgeons and medical team.


Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital offers aesthetic and beauty solutions depending on patients’ needs and expectations with its 8 international and national most reputable accreditations such as ‘The International Society of Plastic Surgery’, ‘The American Society of Plastic Surgeons’, ‘The Turkish Medical Association’, ‘Turkey Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Association’.

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, which aims to provide service beyond the expectations of customers, has certificated ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 certificates. With the measures which have taken from the very beginning the coronavirus has been awarded “Certificate of Compliance: Covid-19 Safe” by Temos which is a first in Turkey and also in the world as a cosmetic surgery hospital.

Vanity provides you accessible luxury cosmetic surgery and medical services in Altunizade that is one of the most central places in Istanbul, with a total of 6 floors, 1000 m2 closed area, 2 operating rooms equipped with the latest technology and 75 personnels. In addition to Face, Body and Hair Transplantation operations, we also provide Medical Operations and Beauty Services in our hospital. Vanity patients can reach the Vanity Support Team for 7 days 24 hours before and after the procedure and receive the necessary information in the fastest and highest detail whenever they want. You will feel better, more special and more beautiful in Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.


  • A traceable and reportable system where all kinds of suggestions, complaints and objections of our patients can be easily transmitted from any channel (call center, e-mail, https://www.vanityestetik.com/en/, fax, petition, etc.)
  • We will make the necessary improvements and controls so that the dissatisfaction communicated to our hospital does not occur again.
  • We will increase productivity by identifying areas open to improvement,
  • We will solve patient dissatisfaction with a transparent approach, taking into account the legal regulations in our relations with our patients, and provide all necessary resources in line with these studies.
  • We are committed to implementing these principles by accepting a patient satisfaction-oriented approach as our main principle.