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Everything About Brow Lift

brow lift, also known as an “upper facelift,” is a partial facelift. In this type of surgical procedure, only the upper part of the face is tightened and the eyebrows are slightly raised. In this way, sunken eyebrows can be brought back into their original position and forehead wrinkles that are getting evident can be corrected. Minimal incisions are made at the hairline so that scars are not visible later. Sufficient tightening of the eyebrows on the sides of the face is particularly important in order to achieve a long-lasting result.

Why Consider a Brow Lift?

forehead lift makes sense if you no longer feel comfortable with your appearance and you are bothered by your deep forehead wrinkles. With a tightening of the upper facial area, you regain your youthful appearance and can remove the wrinkles that occur naturally with age.

What to Expect After Brow Lift Surgery?

If you decide to have a forehead lift in Turkey, you can expect many improvements. Raising the eyebrows ensures a more fresh and alert look and existing droopy eyelids can be reduced. Transverse wrinkles on the forehead are also effectively smoothed out, making your overall face look friendlier and more positive. If you stand in front of the mirror and gently pull your forehead upwards, you can imagine the effect of a forehead or eyebrow lift in Turkey. It is important that the naturally curved arch of the eyebrows is retained. Your eye area should look natural and fresh after the procedure.

If the relevant areas are tightened sufficiently, the rejuvenating effect of a brow lift will last for around 5-10 years. How long the tightening lasts depends on the individual skin structure and lifestyle. For example, strong sunlight and nicotine consumption can cause wrinkles to form more quickly. If you wish, the procedure can be repeated if you are no longer satisfied with the result.

Combining the Brow and Forehead Lift Procedures

In principle, forehead lift and brow lift in Turkey can be performed under general anesthesia. Depending on your personal wishes and the extent of the procedure, your surgeon will find the best anesthetic option for you to guarantee a pain-free procedure. Only small incisions are used on the scalp at the hairline to tighten the skin. Depending on the extent, the procedure takes about 2-3 hours. Then the open areas are carefully sewn up. Since the wounds on the scalp heal relatively quickly, a protective bandage is necessary only for one day and you can shower normally again the following day. The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis, only in some cases, is recommended an inpatient stay of one night. The healing phase after a forehead lift in Turkey is usually one week. After that, the stitches can be removed and you can blend into social life again.

After the Brow Lift Surgery

After the operation, you should take it easy over the next few days and give your body some rest. Sufficient cooling of the affected areas and elevating the head can reduce any swelling to a minimum. After about a week you will be able to fully recover. However, for the next 3 weeks, refrain from sporting and physically very strenuous activities and avoid direct sunlight as well as going to the sauna and solarium.

The period of forehead lift before and after is important. The normal surgical consequences of forehead lift after surgery for forehead lift include slight swelling and bruising, which cannot be avoided entirely. These are visible about 1-2 weeks after the procedure. Other possible risks include injury to the facial nerve, which would result in paralysis of both frontal muscles. If this nerve is injured during the procedure, the eyebrow may drop on one side. A temporary weakening of the motor facial nerve can be quite normal after a forehead lift and usually recovers after a few days.

Numbness in the forehead area can also occur at times, but this also subsides after just a few days. Hair growth problems on the surgical scars are also completely normal which, however, are very small due to the very small incisions (about 1-2 cm). In addition to the mentioned risks and side effects of a forehead lift, the basic risks of general anesthesia and general surgical risks must of course be mentioned. Infections, bleeding, and wound healing defects can never be completely ruled out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brow Lift Surgery

What Is An Eyebrow Lift?

The brow lift in Istanbul is also occasionally called an “upper facelift”. This involves tightening the forehead and raising the eyebrows. It includes temporal brow liftlateral brow lift, and direct brow lift.

What Is An Endoscopic Brow Lift?

Endoscopic brow lift in Turkey means that for the lift, only about four very small incisions behind the hairline are required. Through these incisions, the forehead is loosened, tightened, and fixed again under endoscopic guidance and under the control of an endoscopic camera. As a less invasive procedure, the endoscopic brow lift is particularly suitable for younger patients having a short distance between the hairline and eyebrows, whose skin usually has sufficient elasticity.

Does A Brow Lift Make Your Forehead Bigger?

No. As only the skin is tightened, the size of your forehead does not change, just appears firmer.

What Is The Difference Between A Brow Lift and A Forehead Lift?

Brow position corrections can also be made with a forehead lift or a temple lift in Turkey. As with the forehead lift in Turkey, there is also an indirect reduction in the excess skin on the upper eyelids. A forehead lift or brow lift is therefore also suitable for patients with drooping eyelids who also have a deep brow position.
Both procedures can be sensibly combined in one session, with the forehead lift being performed first and then the brow lift surgery in Istanbul. Occasionally, a forehead lift alone is enough not only to lift the brows but also to correct the upper eyelids satisfactorily.

Will A Brow Lift Make My Forehead Smaller?

No. What all techniques have in common is that the skin on the forehead and the muscles are loosened and lifted. Muscles that lower the eyebrows and cause worry and frown lines are severed or weakened. The raised layers of tissue are firmly anchored to the bone. This protects the overall size of your forehead. It corrects the effects of gravity and aging, tightens the skin and soft tissues of the forehead, and smoothes wrinkles, resulting in a younger-looking upper face.

Where To Hide The Scars Of Foreheadplasty?

There are various methods: Since scars will be 5-6 cm behind the hairline in classical methods, they will not be visible. In endoscopic methods, there will be a smaller scar which will also be behind the hairline. Therefore, it leaves less scar when compared to other methods. Each method has advantages and disadvantages depending on the amount of scars, adjustment ratio of forehead width, durability. The method is decided depending on the patient’s facial structure and her/his expectations.

Who Can Benefit From Browlift Operations?

The structure of eyebrows varies depending on the gender. Women have more curved eyebrows while men have more straight ones. Eyebrows are in harmony with eyes and nose with specific angles. Whether it is genetic or caused by aging, low eyebrows result in an unhappy and exhausted image of people. When the outer edges of eyebrows face down, it creates a sad look. Bringing back the usual shape and angles of the eyebrows creates a more dynamic image, brings out the eyes and leads to more lively and impressive looks. Brow lift operations in Turkey are performed on people who seem sad and exhausted due to low eyebrows.

How Long Does The Operation Last? How Is The Surgery Performed?

In case that there is no need for a medical attention on forehead, lifting the edges of eyebrows will lead to a sharper and livelier image. The cut will be on hairy skin. The tissues between the hairy skin and eyebrows are lifted. The operation lasts about an hour and a half. It is enough to stay in the hospital for 24 hours after surgery. There might be slight swellings in the early postoperative period.

Last updated on: 21.02.2024 15:27
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