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Everything about Fox Eye Lift

Fox Eye Lift for effective and attractive looks…

Our eyes, which affect our appearance and allow us to express ourselves, also affect our aesthetic manifestation. Deformations around the eyes make the person look tired and old. Fox Eye Surgery is an operation that can also be performed at an early age, allowing the eyes to look deeper and larger than they are. Because of this look, this operation is also called cat eye surgery. Fox eye surgery in Turkey is a surgical procedure performed according to your preferences. Therefore, the most important issue for the surgeon is for an aesthetically suitable face and eye structure on the patient. It is especially preferred by people with saggy eye structure. With this operation, the slanted eye structure which is usually created with makeup could be made permanent.

What Is Fox Eye Surgery?

Fox eye surgery is an operation allowing the eyes to look deeper and larger than they are. It is especially preferred by people with saggy eye structure. With this operation, the slanted eye structure which is usually created with makeup could be made permanent.

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What kind of anesthetics is applied during Fox Eye Surgery in Turkey ?

Fox Eye Surgery can be performed under local anesthesia in Turkey.

What Is The Fox Eye Procedure?

By opening a small incision from the outer part of the eye, with the help of a hanging technique using special sutures, the tissue around the eyes is pulled upwards and an almond looking eye shape is created. Then the suspended tissue is fixed to the bone membrane. After checking the final shape of the eyes, the incision is sutured.

Fox Eye Surgery is a different procedure than eyelid aesthetic surgery, but it can also be performed concurrently with eyelid aesthetics.

Is Canthoplasty The Right Surgery For Me?

For some people over a certain age, the operation is decided according to their health condition. Especially in those aged 65 and over, after several health checks are performed, surgery can be performed by the surgeon’s decision. For lower age groups, the patient’s blood work results are checked. If there are drugs used and any previous operations performed, the patient should inform the surgeon of these.

Canthoplasty is usually preferred by people with saggy eyes. Depending on the age and genetics, in some people, the outer part of the eyes may sag down, causing the eyes to look round, which should normally be oval. In this case, in order to achieve a younger and more vigorous look, almond eye surgery can be performed, after an examination by your surgeon.

In What Cases Is Almond Eye Surgery Performed?

Almond eye surgery makes the eye look larger by pulling the tissues around the eye higher up. However, it can also be performed on people who want to have slanted eyes.

How Long Does Fox Eye List Last?

As our body ages, due to the effect of gravity, some of our tissues can sag. The outcome of fox eye surgery in Turkey is permanent, however, as the body ages, the suspended tissue parts around the eye will be subject to sagging also.

How Is The Canthoplasty Recovery Process?

The healing process varies from person to person. The patient can be discharged on the same day after the operation. A full recovery is achieved within 10 days. It is recommended to start work 2 days after the canthoplasty operation in Turkey, but this period may be a little longer depending on the condition of the patient.

Is Canthoplasty Harmful?

Canthoplasty does not cause any harm as the surgeons act extremely sensitive for any kind of surgical intervention around the eyes. However, it will take some time for the desired appearance to be achieved. As time passes, edema will be subside and the eyes will have a slanted appearance.

What Should Be Considered Before And After Canthoplasty?

During the recovery process after canthoplasty surgery in Turkey, patients should pay attention to their general health conditions.

After canthoplasty, a quick return to everyday life is possible. It is a practical and painless procedure. After the canthoplasty operation in Turkey, there may be small swellings in the areas where the incisions are made. These swellings will disappear shortly. Again, it is necessary to pay attention to the guidance of the surgeon in order to get the results as soon as possible. A short-term medical cream use may be necessary. After the operation, a special tape is applied around the eyes. It is possible for the patients to take showers.

It is recommended not to wear makeup over the incisions for at least 5 days after the surgery.

There are also issues to be considered regarding nutrition. It is necessary to restrict or completely stop consuming table salt between 2-4 months after the surgery. Since salt causes edema in the body, it is not appropriate to consume it for a while after the almond eye surgery. Thus it is important to minimize its consumption, if not remove it from the diet completely.

Fluid intake is another important factor during the recovery process. It is recommended to consume plenty of water.

After the operation, it is necessary to rest for a while and protect the eyes from possible external effects.

As with all aesthetic operations, the area should be kept clean after the procedure and kept away from external elements such as dust or smoke.

What Are The Risks And Side Effects For Canthoplasty?

After the operation, the eyes will have a sharper appearance without any risk of complications. Small edema may occur in the incision area for a short period of time.

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