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Everything About Non Surgical Rhinoplasty With Filler

Is it possible to have a beautiful nose with non surgical nose job (liquid rhinoplasty)?

Rhinoplasty (nose job) is an aesthetic operation that can be performed on patients aged 18 and older who have no anesthesia restrictions. Non surgical nose job also known as liquid rhinoplasty has never lost its popularity and has adapted to different beauty trends from time to time.

Another popular option is “nose fillers”, which is a non-surgical nose correction and nose reduction method, for those patients who are afraid of actual rhinoplasties, who will be satisfied with their nose with small changes. With these methods, it is possible to perform non-surgical nose reduction, nose tip filler and nose tip raising procedures.

What is Non Surgical Rhinoplasty?

If there are small collapses or deformities on your nose, if you have a small and protruding nose, nose fillers can come to your aid in the form of non-surgical nose jobs in Istanbul. Botox or filler is injected into various areas designated to provide the desired visual aesthetics of the patient’s nose. Nasal tip filler is one of these procedures. Normally these procedures are performed to eliminate wrinkles and unwanted lines. Nose injections can also be used on unwanted protrusions of the nose, bumps or a saggy nasal tip. Non surgical rhinoplasty treatment takes around 15-20 minutes and the patient can immediately return to his/her everyday life. Nose fillers do not contain different types of materials.

What results are not possible with nose fillers?

Non surgical nose jobs in Turkey are not suitable and cannot be tried on patients who want to reduce or shorten the size of their nose. If the patient desires an actual change of shape and size of his/her nose, instead of a non-surgical nose job , a rhinoplasty surgery will be the most correct option.

Can Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Make Your Nose Smaller?

Making nose smaller without surgery by using liquid rhinoplasty is actually the same thing as creating an illusion. Not every nose will be suitable for non-surgical nose job. A preliminary examination is performed to analyze your nose shape before a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Then your plastic surgeon creates a plan for your non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Does nose filler hurt?

In clinical conditions, your nose is anesthetized with anesthetic creams for liquid rhinoplasty. Then the filler is injected into the predetermined areas of your nose. You do not feel any pain, ache, and there would be no bruising. Right after your non-surgical nose reduction procedure, you can return to your daily life.

How Long Does Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Last?

In non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures, the duration of permanence of the fillers which are considered healthy varies between 4 to 18 months. It would be damaging to use filler materials that will last longer or do not dissolve for longer time periods of time on face or nose. In the case of using such products, you are likely to experience unexpected results. The dissolving time may not be as predicted and there may be no return if you regret the outcome of the procedure. Therefore, it is extremely important that the product used as nose filler is an easily dissolving product and from a well-known filler brand. “5 years – 10 years permanence” periods said about unknown products in the market should not be taken seriously. Today, the world’s most preferred and best known filler brands in non-surgical nose reshaping procedures do not produce any type of product that lasts more than 18 months. This is all about patient health.

Is There a Side Effect to Nose Fillers?

As in face filler applications, different brands and products are available as nose fillers used in non-surgical nose reshaping procedures. Among them, the most common and most reliable are derivatives of “hyaluronic acid”, which is widely used all around the world. This material does not damage your skin after it dissolves and it is ok to have the procedure repeated. All possible complications of an ordinary face filler application also apply to nose fillers. Allergic reactions, bleeding, infection, formation of granuloma are among these complications. The important thing to know is that the complication rate is almost nonexistent in experienced hands and when the filler materials are used properly.

Who should perform the nose filler application?

Nose filler application should be performed by an aesthetic surgeon who is experienced in nasal anatomy and nasal aesthetics. Otherwise, unintended consequences may be encountered.

How Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Works?

The aim of non-surgical rhinoplasty is nose reshaping without surgery with filler applications. Since nose reduction is a painless procedure which does not require incisions, the patient is not anesthetized.

By filling the problematic areas, existing collapses and uneven shape of the nose is corrected. The irregular profile can be eliminated. Nose tip can be raised in the sufficient amount. This can be achieved by injecting the filler into the muscles that pull the nose tip downwards.

In general, no swelling or bruising occurs in this outpatient procedure. Pain or ache is not felt during and after the procedure. The effects of this application, which takes an average of 15-20 minutes, lasts about 18 months. The patient can immediately return to his/her daily life right after the procedure.

Thanks to this non-surgical method, nose job without surgery obtains aesthetically successful results in Turkey.

Is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Safe?

Its permanence depends on the filling material used. The effectiveness of these materials is different from each other. The most commonly used are derivatives of hyaluronic acid. It is compatible with the skin and does not cause any harm in repeat applications. Although some side effects such as allergic reaction, bleeding, infection, formation of granuloma may occur after the procedure, depending on the experience of the practitioner, such complication rates are almost nonexistent.

If there is an excessive skew in the shape of the nose, filler application may not be enough to fix it. Therefore, it is not a viable method in all cases. Nevertheless, the non-surgical nose reduction method is known as one of the best alternatives for patients who may be at risk of a surgical intervention.

Is it possible to fix an arched nose without surgery?

The motivation of people to feel good about themselves and feel liked by others makes the aesthetics a more important topic.

Today, thanks to the developing technology, problematic noses can be made more aesthetically pleasing through applications other than actual surgeries that allow faster healing.

The nose reduction process to be applied to an arched nose can be performed by surgical intervention but also using non-surgical methods. It is up to the surgeon to determine which method is suitable for the patient.

While some people have a smaller nasal arch, others can have it pronounced. The nose filler procedure is recommended for patients with smaller nasal arches. In the case of a more protruding nasal arch, a surgical intervention is required.

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