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Mommy Makeover

As miraculous as it seems, pregnancy does not only change women’s lives but also makes significant changes to the human body.

Many women find it hard to adapt to those changes and wish to rewind the impacts of pregnancy on their bodies such as enlargement of the breasts (gynecomastia-like symptoms), stretch marks, and a tummy resisting turning flat. Due to weight gain during pregnancy, slimming areas, where fat can be stubborn, can even be harder after pregnancy. For these reasons, many women prefer to undergo a mommy makeover procedure in Turkey consisting of a series of operations to contour their bodies and reach their desired look.

Abdominoplasty (mommy tuck), breast augmentation, correction to prevent sagging, breast implants nipple repairing, reducing stubborn fat from specific areas, arm, thigh, but lift, facelift, labiaplasty, and liposuction are among the mommy makeover procedures. Yet, you can also raise your individual concerns to doctors. Even though the name might suggest that these are procedures mostly for mothers, or women giving birth, many women, including celebrities, favour and undergo mommy makeover surgery in Turkey. Therefore you do not have to give birth to undergo an hourglass mommy makeover. Anyone who is good in health and pursuing to get a more desirable shape boost can undergo a mommy makeover in Turkey with the professional guidance provided by the experts in their fields. It goes without saying that obviously, the most accurate procedure needs to be decided by professionals after a thorough physical examination. Only expert plastic surgeons in their field are able to provide patients with informed decisions, as well as an accurate diagnosis.

If you have just given birth, you need to wait to fully recover from birth and remind yourself not to rush into any mommy makeover surgeries, and keep your emotional well-being as your priority. Once you are fully recovered and reached a stable weight after birth, you can further consult your doctor. If you are considering any operation for mommy breasts, you have to wait until breastfeeding is done, so that your breasts can rest and heal. If you are also planning to get pregnant in near future, you might consider waiting for any mommy makeover as these operations are costly. It is also important that you do your own research right. It’s possible to find information about any doctor and get crucial information about their experience in the field, including the feedback given by their patients in no time. Thus, it is critically important that you prefer professionals who specialised in their field and have performed numerous procedures in certain operations you are interested in.

When it comes to recovery after mommy makeover plastic surgery in Turkey, it might take a while to fully recover primarily based on the surgery type. As it is a quite individual process where personal concerns are also addressed in addition to the series of surgeries listed above in this article, it is recommended to consider recovery time, and whether individuals are planning future pregnancies or not. Recovering after a mommy makeover might take from one to four weeks and it is not entirely a cost-effective solution to be repeated. That is why it is also recommended to consider future pregnancy plans if one is to undergo mommy makeover surgeries. In terms of going back to work and daily life chores, some may prefer to start working in a week or so depending on their condition, yet generally, it can take 2 to 4 weeks to get back to work.

It is also important to know surgery of this type requires incisions and stitches. Therefore, it is definitely recommended to have a rest and perform daily tasks with the help of someone in order to prevent stitches from opening up. After the surgery, it is equally crucial to abstain from exercising and perform heavy tasks that can be challenging. As mentioned, mommy makeover procedures require incisions (cuts on the skin), and many naturally raise concerns and questions about stitches and if they ever go away. Normally these operations are made carefully to hide stitch marks as much as possible but there will be marks still visible to the eye after recovery. The good news is that your surgeon or doctor can provide you with further guidance on how to reduce the marks and help them fade away in time. It is the ultimate aim of every best mommy makeover surgeon to provide the best outcome therefore rest assured expert doctors in their field will work you towards that goal. If you want to get service from the best mommy makeover surgeon in Turkey, you have found the cosmetic hospital you want.

As Vanity, we are here to help and answer your questions. Feel free to get in touch should you need further information about the mommy makeover process, surgeries, and cost in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in mommy makeover?

Mommy makeover procedure consists of different operations including, liposuction, mommy tuck surgery, breast reduction, and augmentation, breast lift, and such in Turkey.

What is a mommy makeover?

Mommy makeover is a term used for a series of operations to contour and rejuvenate the body with the end result of reducing the effects of post-pregnancy.

How long is mommy makeover recovery?

Mommy makeover is quite a custom process. Therefore mommy makeover recovery time depends on the procedure type. It can take from 1 week to 4 weeks.

How long does mommy makeover surgery take?

Approximately the mommy makeover surgery might take 3 to 5 hours. This also depends on how many stages will be required to perform the overall surgery if not everything will be completed in one session.

How long after mommy makeover can I exercise?

Not everyone’s recovery speed is the same, therefore it is significant to consult your doctor before starting any exercise. However, it might take 6 to 10 weeks before start doing any exercises.

What’s a mommy makeover for plastic surgery?

Even though the name of the procedure is quite straightforward, mommy makeover surgery is a term that refers to a series of operations where the body is contoured after pregnancy.

The page content is for informational purposes only. The content of this page does not include items containing information on therapeutic health care. For diagnosis and treatment, you must consult your physician or consult the physicians in our clinic. The content has been written regarding the following sources by Vanity Estetik doctors.


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