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Arm and Leg Aesthetics

Rapid weight gains and losses cause droopy and cracked skin on arms and thighs. Structurally one leg or both of your legs might be thin or asymmetric. In such situations, arm lift, thigh lift, liposuction, calf prosthesis or fat injections might be performed.


Plastic Surgery for Upper Extremity

Excessive skin or adipose tissues on arms cause a bad appearance. Rapid weight gains and losses cause the skin to loose its elasticity and become droopy and cracked. If the skin has not lost its elasticity, liposuction and lipolysis are quite effective. If there is floppy or cracked skin on arms, the most convenient treatment would be arm lift. The floppy skin is removed from the inner side of your arm and you get a thin and firm arm. You can return to your daily life approximately 5 days after surgery.

Plastic Surgery for Lower Extremity

We need to assess legs in two parts: thighs which is the upper part of the leg and calf which is the lower part of the leg. The problems in thigh area results from obesity and floppy and cracked skin caused by weight loss. The problems in calf area are mostly bowleg and thinness. There are different treatments for each area. Op. Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı and you will choose the most convenient treatment for you. In thigh area, lipolysis and liposuction are the most common treatment methods. Thigh lift operations are discussed when the skin is floppy.

Thigh Lift

It is performed to remove floppy skin on thigh area. We remove the floppy and cracked skin through an incision on groin crease under general anesthesia. When combined with liposuction, the results can be more aesthetic. You can return to your daily life approximately 7 days after surgery. Thinness or bowleg problems in calf area might be present at birth or might occur later in life. The patients who cannot wear skirts due to genu valgum or thick ankles might be treated through one or a combination of liposuction, calf prostheses and fat injection methods.

Calf Prostheses

In case of a thin calf area, the calf might be thickened through silicone prostheses placed in between the calf muscles. The prostheses, which is placed from the political area (back of the knee) through a 3-cm cut, is impossible to notice. You can return to your daily life one week after the operation which is performed under general anesthesia.