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Difference Between Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty


For most people, rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the nose when it comes to nose surgery. If you have aesthetic or functional concerns about your nose, first of all review alternative surgery procedures. Therefore, understanding the difference between a rhinoplasty and a septoplasty procedure can help make sure you choose the best treatment for you. Both surgical procedures target issues with the nose but can have very different goals. Both procedures intend your quality of life and increase your self-confidence. If you think you need a surgery, you must make sure you understand the differences between rhinoplasty and septoplasty.

What is Septoplasty?

Today, nasal congestion and accompanying breathing complaints are common complaints. One of the reasons for these complaints is the deviation of the septum. The middle part that separates both nostrils is called the nasal septum. This part (septum) consists of cartilage and a thin bone structure and is covered with mucosa. The displace of the middle part that separates the two nostrils to the right or left is called the deviated septum. If you have difficulty breathing out of one or both of your nostrils or have suffered physical trauma to the nose that has impacted your ability to breathe. Then you may be a candidate for a septoplasty to correct your deviated septum and enhance your breathing.

A septoplasty can be performed as a closed or open procedure depending on the complexity of your septal deviation. When surgeon performs as a closed operations, makes a small incision in the inner lining of the nose, called the mucosa, to provide access to the cartilage and bone of the septum. Depending on the specifics of each patient’s needs, surgeon removes parts of the septum entirely, then trims and repositions, or reconstructs completely with grafts.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a general term for a surgical procedure. It allows patients to correct their nasal size, shape and symmetry for a more balanced appearance. If you have cosmetic concerns regarding your nose, rhinoplasty may be the appropriate solution for your concerns.

Open and closed rhinoplasty procedures are two different surgical approaches to a nose job. Open procedure will produce a very tiny scar from your columella to the bridge of tissue located between the nostrils. Scarring is minimal and naturally fades to an unnoticeable thin line once recovery is complete. In closed rhinoplasty, operational incisions are done from inside, but may not be an option for every patient.

Every patient’s cosmetic demand are different so each rhinoplasty procedure is different. Some procedures may involve the use of cartilage grafts that can be taken from other parts of the nose, ear, or even a rib in some cases.

Rhinoplasty vs. septoplasty

If you have a visibly warped nose and a deviated septum that impacts your ability to breathe, a septoplasty with elements of a rhinoplasty can correct both your functional and aesthetic concerns in one combined procedure. The main concern of a septoplasty is to fix a deviated septum. And generally leave the external shape of the nose untouched. However, it is important to be aware that when a septoplasty is performed it can be a useful opportunity to correct some aesthetic concerns.

Whether you undergo a rhinoplasty or septoplasty, you should spend time away from work while your body heals and recovers. Most patients take 5-7 days off work. Most swelling resolves within the first several weeks. Although a degree of minor swelling can persist for the first 6-12 months after a rhinoplasty. Surgeon use nasal splints and stitches after the procedure and remove after one week.

Septoplasty and rhinopaslty involves general anesthesia. Both treatment options are also typically performed as outpatient procedures. The duration of both procedures is typically less than three hours.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

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