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New Era in Rhinoplasty: Let Down Technique


Noseis located in the middle of the face, it is the organ that has the greatest influence on both your facial expression and your natural beauty.Disfigurement is the cause of many health problems. Today, rhinoplasty is a common method which is both to improve the aesthetic appearance and to correct health problems. Through the technological and medical advances in aesthetic surgery, surgeons perform operations with new techniques. Recently, let down technique in rhinoplasty is one of the leading techniques.


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In let down technique, the cartilage and bone are removed from certain areas of the nose. After that, only those areas are emptied, then the nasal dorsum is pressed down inward.

Differences Between Classic Rhinoplasty and Let Down Technique

In classical rhinoplasty, surgeon remove bones and cartilage directly from the arched part on the back of the nose. After a classic rhinoplasty, the patient may feel irregularities when he/she touches the nose back. It is not possible to maintain a smooth nose back in the classical nose aesthetics. For this reason, in daylight or in flash photo shoots, the nose back disrupts the arrival of light and the nose will appear unauthentic. 

Let Down in rhinoplasty performs a correction of the arched part by removing the deeper parts from the visible area rather than directly to remove cartilage and bones from that area. In this way, the natural appearance of the nose back does not deteriorate. When the patient touches the nose after surgery, will not felt irregularities as in the classical rhinoplasty.

Applying Let Down technique requires surgical experience. In this technique surgeons, apply in cases of revision nose aesthetics and curved noses. Recovery after this surgery is shorter. Patients can go back to their normal lives in 3-7 days. 

Post-surgery process 

While there is no post-surgery pain when the operation performed under general anesthesia and lasted about 2-2.5 hours. The patient need to stay in the hospital one night. In addition to accelerating the healing process with the next generation methods, the post-surgery process is comfortable and healthy. With Let Down technique, the process of operation in nose surgery and the post-surgery process can vary from patient to patient, such as other operations. It is important that the patient does not consume cigarettes, alcohol, etc. after the surgery.

Let Down technique is a new technique in rhinoplasty. And with this technique it is easier to maintain the natural appearance of the nose.  But applying the technique requires surgical experience.

If you are considering getting information about Let Down technique and rhinoplasty or having a rhinoplasty operation, simply click to contact the experienced staff of Vanity Clinic.

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  1. I had a rhinoplasty at Vanity hospital 3 months ago. My doctor and employees are all friendly, caring and relevant people. I congratulate the hospital for its extra care during the pandemic period. You can go safely.

  2. Hi Isabella are you from the uk? Had you any trouble with flying after or how were you after surgery? I hope to go at the end of June


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