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The Weeknd Before and After Plastic Surgery Journey


The Weeknd is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He was born in Toronto and raised in Scarborough, Ontario.


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One of the biggest questions surrounding The Weeknd’s appearance has been (and will be) if and when he had plastic surgery. Although there are no reliable sources that can confirm or deny the rumor, there’s an undeniable amount of eye candy in his appearance — one that begs for attention and scrutiny. There are reasons to believe the singer has undergone at least one procedure. For example, facial reconfiguration, or a change in his facial structure.

Has The Weeknd Had Multiple Plastic Surgeries?

The Weeknd, who is known for his unique beard and hairstyle that is often the envy of millions, has been seen with a new face before.

  • His nose bridge was smaller,
  • He had cheek implants to give him a more chiseled chin and jawline, and
  • His jaw was made smaller than it used to be.
  • He also had lip fillers done to give his lips more volume and definition.

These are something that most people can’t help but notice when they see him walking down the street!

Has The Weeknd Had Face Surgery?

The singer’s fans have often wondered if he’s had plastic surgery on his nose and lips, but thanks to the Internet, we can see exactly what he looked like before any procedures were done.

Facial surgery is a general term for any procedure that involves reshaping or altering parts of the face. This includes procedures that focus on the nose, cheeks, ears, and lips. Before undergoing any type of facial surgery, patients should make sure they have realistic expectations about what will be done. 

There are many different types of facial reconstructive procedures that can be performed on patients who have lost part of their face due to injury or disease. These include cheekbone surgeries (cheek implants), jawbone surgeries (jaw implants), ear pinning surgery, and more.

Why Is the Weeknd’s Face Bandaged?

The Weeknd

The Weeknd has been spotted in public with a bandage on his nose. It’s possible he had surgery to fix the facial defect.

The Weeknd had previously been seen walking around with his face covered in bandages. That was leading fans to wonder if he had undergone plastic surgery to fix something about his appearance.

While it doesn’t look like there’s any proof that The Weeknd had plastic surgery done on his nose. Some people think that maybe he just wanted to keep fans guessing about what could be underneath those bandages. He’s also been seen wearing different scarves or head wraps over his mouth. And that could be an attempt at hiding a surgical scar or even just keeping out dust while at Coachella.

He Has a Smaller Nose Bridge

The Weeknd’s nose bridge is smaller now than in older photos; it looks more pointed too. On several occasions, the changes on his nose have been speculated as a result of rhinoplasty surgery (nose job), but it seems that it was just a makeup trick because we can’t find any confirmation about the procedure.

Nose surgery, commonly known as rhinoplasty, is a procedure that reshapes the nose. It addresses conditions such as nasal congestion, crooked noses, or other deformities.

The two most common forms of nose surgery are:

  1. Rhinoplasty: This procedure is used when there is skin damage on the bridge of the nose, known as a “deviated septum.” This type of surgery can also be used to correct sagging skin around the nostrils.
  2. Nose job: A nose job is performed when there are problems with the tip of the nose – often called a bulbous tip. This includes cartilage problems and other deformities that keep your nose from pointing up toward your forehead as it should.

The Weeknd Jaw Surgery?

The Weeknd

While some of the Weeknd’s changed facial features are attributable to natural aging, others are likely the result of a surgical facelift. His pre-cosmetic surgery photos reveal a more rounded and square jaw line that appears more prominent with each passing year. In contrast, his recent pics show an angular and narrow profile that is more masculine than before—a result of subtle chin augmentation procedures (chin reduction) or liposuction beneath the jawline (jaw contouring).

Jaw surgery is an operation in which a surgeon removes a part of your jawbone and replaces it with a prosthetic implant. The implant is made from a combination of materials, such as titanium and polyethylene. Jaw surgery can be done to treat conditions such as bone loss (osteoporosis), injury, or congenital malformations of the jaw, which may cause problems with speech, chewing, swallowing, and breathing.

Jaw surgery may also be performed to correct facial deformities or other problems that affect your appearance. These procedures are often referred to as cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

Some people who have jaw surgery need additional surgery on their face after they have completed their recovery period. This usually involves reshaping the nose with an incision just under the nostrils or changing the shape of one of your cheeks with an incision near your ear.

The Weeknd Plastic Surgery Music

The Weeknd has a lot of songs about plastic surgery. Most of them are not directly about it, but they do contain references to it. The song was released on his album Starboy, which was released in 2016.

The most obvious reference is in the music video for the song False Alarm. In this music video, there is a scene where he is walking through an operating room with surgical equipment and looking at his reflection in the mirror while shaving. The lyrics say “I got my lips changed, I got my nose changed, my eyes are different.” This could be referring to him getting some work done on his lips or nose.

The second reference comes from an interview he did with GQ Magazine where he talks about living in LA and how he likes to keep up with what’s going on there. He says “I don’t like New York because it’s too busy—it’s too much pressure. LA’s more chill.” In this case, he appears to be talking about his choice of plastic surgery procedures rather than the city itself being lazy or stressful.

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