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What is the Ideal Breast Size?


Asymmetry, large or small breast sizes or breast sagging may cause aesthetic or physical problems for women. It is possible to reach the ideal boob shape or ideal boob size with surgery operations. Here, you can find the types of breast shapes and how to get the ideal breast size for your body. 

What Does “Breast Size” Mean?


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The term “breast size” can be explained by the worldwide accepted bra sizing system, and bra size can be calculated by measuring the length under and around the bust. While there are some standard breast sizes known as average and normal, there is no single answer to the question of what is best breast size. It can be affected by health conditions, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, or weight. And it can change over time depending on various variables. 

Types of Breast Shapes

Everyone has different breast sizes and there is not any medical declaration about the best size or shape. However, it is possible to make some classifications about shapes such as east-west (when two breasts are facing opposite sides), asymmetric (when one breast is larger than the other), round (when breasts are of equal sizes and rather circular), or relaxed (when it has a looser texture and tends to sag downward), etc. 

What is the Best Breast Size for Your Body?

When it comes to claiming the best breast size, multiple variables come into play and yet it is impossible to determine the exact best breast size. The perception of the best boobs size varies from person to person. To answer what is the best breast size for your body, the first and most important thing to consider is whether you are satisfied with your breast size. Do you suffer from back and waist pain due to the large size of your breasts, or do you have trouble doing physical activities? Or do you think your small breasts look unlike what you desire? It may be helpful to ask yourself these questions to determine the ideal size of breasts for your body. And you should always consult a professional to know what’s best for your body medically. 

Which Breast Operation is Right for You?

After asking these questions, if you are dissatisfied with your breast size or shape, you can determine which breast operation is right for you. For instance, if you have trouble due to big breasts such as pain in the back and waist or issues with posture, you can consider breast reduction to have smaller breasts. If you want larger breasts or improve breast size asymmetries, you can consider breast augmentation for the ideal size of boobs

What is Breast Augmentation?

breast size

Breast augmentation, as known as mammoplasty, breast enlargement of “boob job” is a surgical operation for bigger breast size. It can help fullness or shape regulation of breasts. 

Candidates: The first thing to consider is if the patient is dissatisfied and wants to change the size or shape of her breasts. If the patient is not happy with the size or the shape of her breasts, augmentation can be mentioned. There are other requirements for the surgery. The patient should not be pregnant or breastfeeding. The patient must be in good general health. Women who meet these conditions and want bigger breasts, or who want to fix size differences in breasts can be candidates for augmentation.

Procedure: After anesthesia, an incision is made in a suitable area. This area may be around the nipples, under the breast, or under the armpit, depending on the procedure. After the incisions are made, implants can be placed either under the pectoral muscle or directly behind the breast tissue, over the pectoral muscle. Implants are generally used in these operations. Another method called fat transfer breast augmentation removes fats from the patient’s body and transfers them to the breasts. 

Recovery: After the surgery, you can wear bandages and support bras for several weeks. This depends on your operation and your doctor’s recommendations. You can return to your everyday life in about a month and a half and your breasts may gain a normal appearance after a few months. Pain, swelling, and bruising for a few weeks are normal. Although the cut marks fade over time, they will never go away.

What is Breast Reduction?

Large breasts of an inappropriate size for body proportion may cause various physical and mental problems. Large breasts may prevent several physical activities and cause pain in the back and waist. In addition, many women may not like their appearance and they might experience suffering from mental health problems and stress. To overcome these problems, breast reduction may be the solution.

Candidates: As in augmentation surgery, the first criteria for breast reduction is the patient’s dissatisfaction with their breasts. Again, as in augmentation operations, patients who want reduction should not be pregnant or breastfeeding, and their general health should be good. Women who meet these criteria can undergo a reduction operation. 

Types of breast reduction surgery: There are different methods to use for reduction. These are vertical reduction, inverted-t reduction, and liposuction. Vertical reduction means two incisions are made, one from the bottom of the areola or the darker area around the nipples vertically, and the other around this dark area. It is also called “lollipop” reduction. Inverted-T reduction uses the same incisions made in vertical reduction, with an extra cut across the lower breast. If you want a slighter operation, liposuction can be used in combination with other techniques for better shaping. In this method, just a small amount of fat is removed from the breasts. However, this method may not work on big fat masses or sagging. 

Procedure: After anesthesia, incisions are made and excess fat, skin, and tissues are removed. The areola and nipples are positioned depending on the reason for the operation. The recovery process for reduction is similar to augmentation. After the surgery, a dressing or bandage is used. Their removal time varies according to the operation. You can experience swelling, pain, or bruising. After a few weeks, you can return to your daily life. After a few months, your breasts begin to get used to their new form.

Achieving the perfect size boobs is possible with a few surgical interventions. Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital can help you reach the ideal breast size for your body after a detailed examination. Reach out to us and learn more about breast reconstruction now!


Which size of breast is best?

There is no single best breast size. It depends on the person’s body, the size, and the shape they like. 

What’s the average breast size?

Generally, breast size is measured by bra sizes. The average breast size varies according to the country. In the United States, this size is 34DD. On the other hand, in the United Kingdom, the average is 36DD. 

What is the most popular breast size?

Most men and women might prefer the average size of breasts. However, there isn’t a single popular breast size.  

How much difference in breast size is normal?

Doctors state that asymmetry in breast sizes is very common. According to Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones from the University of Utah, five to twenty percent of the difference in breast size is normal. Also, this asymmetry may change within five years from the beginning of the period.

The page content is for informational purposes only. The content of this page does not include items containing information on therapeutic health care. For diagnosis and treatment, you must consult your physician or consult the physicians in our clinic. The content has been written regarding the following sources by Vanity Estetik doctors.




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