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Darkening of the genital area is a condition that occurs due to many different factors, and although it does not functionally affect sexual life, it can cause the person to feel aesthetically uncomfortable and therefore sometimes to psychological problems. The darkening of the vulva, that is, the outer genital area, can be eliminated within the scope of genital area aesthetics. Herbal solutions or vagina whitening cream for genital darkening usually do not completely remove the darkening. With the developing technology, the color of the genital area can be made compatible with the skin with many different methods. Applications, also known as the vaginal whitening process, are performed by specialists in aesthetic centers. Thus, the person’s sexual life is prevented from being negatively affected, and self-confidence is renewed. You can find detailed information about vaginal whitening in this article. Genital (Vaginal) Whitening process is not currently provided by Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.

What Causes Vaginal Darkening?


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 Vaginal darkening, which is frequently encountered, can develop due to many different reasons. Chief among these are hormonal changes. Darkening of the private area due to estrogen hormone is one of the most common causes. In addition to the intense secretion of the estrogen hormone, hormone-containing drugs such as birth control pills can also cause darkening in the genital area. The private area, which is not protected from the harmful effects of the sun even though it is covered with a swimsuit or bikini, may also darken due to prolonged sunbathing. Weight gain, advanced age, wrong underwear selection, genetic factors, and some infections are among the factors that cause the darkening of the vagina.

How to Lighten a Vaginal Area?

How to Lighten a Vaginal Area?

Natural methods can be applied for vaginal bleaching. Cosmetic products such as vagina whitening cream can be used or the private area can be whitened. However, as a result of the procedures performed with these methods, it is not possible to equalize the skin tone. In some cases, the darkening recurs in the future. Therefore, instead of using only a special vagina whitening cream, it is recommended that the person applies methods specially designed for this process. Private area bleaching operations’ before and after the show that vaginal whitening treatment with a laser provides fast and effective removal of darkening in the genital area. 

How to Bleach Your Private Area? 

There are many different methods for vaginal lightening. Many different methods such as bikini area whitening natural ways can be preferred. However, there are not enough studies on the effectiveness of these methods. Therefore, it may be necessary to seek help from a specialist for the vagina whitening process and to apply a combination of different methods when necessary. Before the process, you may examine vaginal bleaching operations’ before and after. Genital area whitening is performed in about 30 minutes with the carbon dioxide laser method. The laser prevents the production of melanin in the area. Thus, the vaginal area is effectively whitened. With the procedure performed under local anesthesia, results are usually obtained in a single session. The area should not be shaved and cosmetic products should not be applied to the area before the procedure, which may take 2-3 sessions depending on the skin structure. After the application, the person can continue his daily life, but it may be necessary to avoid sexual intercourse for 5 to 7 days. After the procedure, darkening occurs in the applied area. After this expected and normal process, dead skin tissue is shed and new skin tissue appears in a color compatible with the person’s skin.

Can You Bleach Your Vagina With a Cream?

One of the subjects that are researched as much as a “natural solution to vaginal darkening” is the product known as the “best bleaching cream for private areas”. Genital area whitening cream recommendations are usually solution-based, chemical-peeling products. These products, which are recommended to be preferred according to the skin type of the person, may need to be used for months. Vaginal whitening creams that are not suitable for skin type may cause skin irritation. On the other hand, laser bleaching of the genital area is applied by experts within the scope of genital area aesthetics and results are obtained quickly. Vaginal whitening with laser does not harm the reproductive organs and does not cause menstrual irregularity. The only point affected by the procedure is the color of cells in the skin tissue. The difference can be easily seen by examining the images before and after the vaginal bleaching.

Why Does Private Area Darken? 

The darkening of the genitals does not occur only due to biological factors. External factors can also cause genital darkening. One of them is the hot wax application. In some cases, this application, which is at a temperature that may even cause burns, increases the possibility of blackening in the special area. Darkening of the genitals can also occur as a result of the use of non-breathable underwear. This situation, which causes the formation of bacteria, triggers wounds in the hair follicles. This can lead to darkening in the form of spots in the area.

How to lighten your private area? 

The use of razors, such as waxing and epilator, is also among the factors that cause darkening. These applications, which irritate, may cause darkening of the skin. This type of darkening is more common, especially in dark-skinned individuals. To prevent darkening the vaginal area, you may avoid using a razor and for whitening, you may prefer vaginal whitening with a laser.

What Should the Vagina Color Be?

Different vaginas have different shapes and colors. Skin color can be burgundy, pink, or red. This situation may also change according to the blood flow that occurs in some periods. It is also normal for the vulva to appear purplish as a result of increased blood flow during arousal. The vagina does not have a unique color. It is considered aesthetically normal if the vagina is the same color as the surrounding skin. However, if the genital area is darker than the normal skin tone, it is called the darkening of the vagina.

Darkening of the genital area is one of the most common aesthetic problems, especially among women. Genital (Vaginal) Whitening process is not currently provided by Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital. To solve the deformations in your genital area, you can get information about genital aesthetics.


The page content is for informational purposes only. The content of this page does not include items containing information on therapeutic health care. For diagnosis and treatment, you must consult your physician or consult the physicians in our clinic. The content has been written regarding the following sources by Vanity Estetik doctors.

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