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Most Famous K-Pop Plastic Surgeries


Who Pays For K-Pop Stars’ Plastic Surgery?

The responsibility for paying for plastic surgery in the K-Pop industry can vary. In some cases, agencies or management companies might cover the costs of plastic surgery for their artists as part of their efforts to maintain a certain image or standard of appearance. In other instances, K-Pop stars might choose to undergo plastic surgery using their own funds. The exact arrangements can differ from case to case, and not all K-Pop stars undergo plastic surgery.


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In Turkey, the interest of K-pop stars in plastic surgery is often known as an option they choose to perfect their appearances and meet certain standards.

For example, the topic of K-pop double eyelid surgery raises questions about the pressures of conforming to beauty standards within the industry.

How Common Is Plastic Surgery in K-Pop?

Plastic surgery is relatively common in the K-Pop industry, and there is often a strong emphasis on appearance and image. Many K-Pop idols feel pressure to conform to certain beauty standards, which can lead to an increased interest in cosmetic procedures. However, it’s important to note that not all K-Pop idols undergo plastic surgery, and there are those who choose to embrace their natural looks.

Many K-pop fans engage in discussions about the potential influences of plastic surgery in the industry through the “k-pop plastic surgery thread.”

It’s not uncommon to associate K-pop with plastic surgery due to the industry’s emphasis on visual perfection. K-pop korean plastic surgery techniques have become intertwined with the world of K-pop, shaping the visual transformations of many idols.

The discussions around K-pop male korean plastic surgery shed light on the intersection of beauty standards, identity, and the entertainment industry.

The “K-pop Korean plastic surgery before and after” photos often spark discussions about the transformations of idols in the industry.

The trend of getting a “K-pop nose job” is quite common among K-pop idols, as they often opt for this procedure to attain the ideal visual features sought after in the industry.

In Turkey, K-pop idols are no strangers to various cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearances. From K-pop rhinoplasty and K-pop jaw surgery to K-pop eye surgery and even f K-pop face surgery, these idols sometimes choose to undergo transformations to meet certain beauty standards. Both male and female idols have been associated with procedures like K-pop male plastic surgery and K-pop breast implants, reflecting the diverse aspects of cosmetic enhancements within the K-pop industry. Discussions around these topics, often termed as “k-pop idol surgery,” shed light on the broader influence of K-pop cosmetic surgery on the world of K-pop.

Is There Any K-Pop Idol Without Plastic Surgery?

Yes, there are K-Pop idols who have not undergone plastic surgery and choose to embrace their natural features. While K-Pop plastic surgery might be common in the industry, not every idol opts for such procedures. These idols often promote self-confidence and self-acceptance, encouraging fans to love themselves as they are.

Which K-Pop Idols Have Had Plastic Surgery?

It can be challenging to definitively identify which K-Pop idols have had plastic surgery, as not all idols openly discuss their procedures. However, there have been instances where idols have admitted to getting plastic surgery or where it’s widely speculated based on their before-and-after appearances. Some K-Pop idols who have been rumored or confirmed to have undergone plastic surgery include:

Goo Hara: The late K-Pop idol from the group HARA openly discussed her procedures, including double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty.

Park Bom: A former member of 2NE1, Park Bom has admitted to getting double eyelid surgery and other procedures.

Hyoyeon: A member of Girls’ Generation, Hyoyeon is rumored to have undergone rhinoplasty and other minor procedures.

Jin: A member of BTS, Jin has acknowledged having a surgical procedure on his nose after breaking it during childhood, but he is also known for promoting self-love and natural beauty.

Sulli: The late Sulli, had spoken openly about her cosmetic procedures, including double eyelid surgery.

IU: While not confirmed, there have been speculations about IU’s possible double eyelid surgery, although she has always maintained a natural image.

The trend of assessing K-pop idols’ before-and-after surgery photos fuels conversations about the intersection of image transformation and the K-pop industry.

The internet is rife with comparisons of K-pop idols’ plastic surgery before and after photos, illustrating the persistent fascination with their visual transformations.

It’s important to approach these discussions with sensitivity and respect for the idols’ choices. Plastic surgery decisions are personal, and they should not define an idol’s talent or worth. It’s also worth noting that perceptions of plastic surgery can change over time, and what might be rumored or known now could evolve as more information becomes available.

The prevalence of k-pop plastic surgery rumors underscores the intense scrutiny that idols often face regarding their appearances.

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