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Tip Plasty Guide: Everything You Need to Know About


The most remarkable area on our face is the tip of our nose. Therefore, the nose tip is very important in terms of our appearance. Tip plasty is a surgical procedure which is specifically aimed at correct nasal tip deformities. 

Tip plasty has been very popular in recent years. Patients who are not satisfied with the shape or size of the tip of their noses are good candidates for this procedure. Here, we’re covering everything you need to know about tip plasty.

What is Tip plasty?

Tip plasty, is a kind of rhinoplasty preferred by patients from all over the world to change the nose tip to obtain an aesthetically pleasing image. The aim of the operation based on the patient’s needs and it does not interfere with areas such as bones, cartilage, skin and mucousme.

Tip Plasty Methods

Different techniques can be applied for procedure in accordance with the needs of the patient. Closed rhinoplasty technique is one of them. In closed technique, the duration of the operation is shorter than the other techniques and the recovery after surgery is much faster. Another technique is the open rhinoplasty technique. This technique that the doctor’s experience is much more important in the surgery. As the other rhinoplasty surgeries, the control area of the surgeon is narrower in the open rhinoplasty operation. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your condition, you can evaluate both methods and select accurate one.


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How long does surgery last?

The duration of the nose tip surgery varies from person to person, as in the other surgeries. Duration of Tip Plasty changes 30 to 60 minutes depending on patients.

The recovery time may be shorter if the patient pays attention to the considerations that is specified by the doctor. 

What are the after surgery care precautions after tip plasty?

It is necessary to avoid heavy and intensive sports for a certain period of time. Avoid the use of thick-frame glasses. You should be careful when brushing the teeth. Postpone activities such as swimming during the recovery period. Avoid nose-to-nose action, such as blowing. As in the other rhinoplasty surgeries, protect your face from the sunlight.

If you don’t have an anatomical issue about your nose and you’re just not happy with the tip of your nose, tip plasty can be the most appropriate operation for you. In order to decide which rhinoplasty surgery will be suitable for you, you must consult an experienced and talented surgeon. 

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The page content is for informational purposes only. The content of this page does not include items containing information on therapeutic health care. For diagnosis and treatment, you must consult your physician or consult the physicians in our clinic. The content has been written regarding the following sources by Vanity Estetik doctors.


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