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Breast Augmentation Recovery Process and The Issue of Pain


Pain and discomfort are the common recovery stages after breast augmentation surgery. By using the right pain management methods, pains are usually manageable. For the first 2-3 days, you should be taking your medications, especially those to control post-op discomfort.
Generally getting painkillers help to control pain during the first few days of your recovery. Also in some situations, some surgeons recommend using a pain pump and pain injections for more comfort.

Pain control process after surgery


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Pain pumps look like a small balloon carrying drugs. These drugs flow slowly through the catheter for 2-3 days, which are the most needed pain control and reach the breast area. However, there are plastic surgeons who prefer to use pain injections at the end of the surgery. Pain medications, the effect of which can last up to 14 hours. They are injected directly into the prosthesis area without any discomfort of carrying a pain pump.

3-7 days after surgery, most patients stop using strong painkillers. These medications should be discontinued when pain is more manageable after breast augmentation. As long-term use of these drugs will result in constipation, lethargy, or even longer recovery time. If patients want to continue using their medication after 5-7 days, doctors advise to use light pain relievers.

Some patients experience discomfort due to tension and cramps that affect the shoulders, neck, and back, rather than pain. Muscle relaxants usually help to control these symptoms. Patients should not use muscle relaxants with painkillers or should take at least one hour apart to avoid drowsiness.

Most patients can go to work 5-7 days after the surgery. It will be beneficial if patients do not perform heavy exercises, especially for the upper body, for at least 3 weeks. Doctors recommend as light exercises such as 3-5 short walks during the day will facilitate recovery.

Pain in the chest area usually resolves after a few days. But, it is possible to feel pain in the back and shoulders. Doctors attribute this to the sudden change in body weight and possibly the tendency to keep their shoulders ahead to “protect” the patient’s breasts. However, gentle stretching and posture awareness is generally sufficient to solve these problems.

The recovery stages after breast augmentation vary from patient to patient. So it is very important to follow your doctor’s recommendations.

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