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Answers to Our 3 Most Common Breast Augmentation Questions


Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures all over the world. Mammoplasty or breast augmentation, oris a surgical procedure that aims to increase the size, shape, or fullness of the breast. Breast augmentation is the operation with the most successful results among plastic surgery operations. Let’s answer the three most frequently asked questions about breast augmentation.

#1 Who is an ideal candidate for breast augmentation?

Changing shape and size of breast is very serious decisions. It is advisable to wait for a while for the operation of those who are considering having children. Women prefer a mammoplasty to make themselves happy and provide her with a way to fit into tops better, increase her confidence. The most suitable candidates for this operation are women who think their breasts are too small and need breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery. Good candidates are also women that may have delivered children, have breastfed or gone through weight loss that has changed her body.

#2 How much recovery time?

The healing process after the operation follows certain stages. After mammoplasty recovery and rest for a day or two are recommended. Swelling and associated discomfort peaks in the first 3 days or so, and then gradually begins to subside. Swelling usually goes down within the first 6 weeks. Since recovery time varies with every person, this is something that can be discussed with your surgeon.

#3 What size implant is best for me?

The most critical decision for breast augmentation is decide on breast size. Every person is different so ımplant of the same size appear differently in different people. It is important to discuss your expectations and desired results with your surgeon. So your surgeon can help you choose the most suitable size for you.

Breast Augmentation in Turkey

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The page content is for informational purposes only. The content of this page does not include items containing information on therapeutic health care. For diagnosis and treatment, you must consult your physician or consult the physicians in our clinic. The content has been written regarding the following sources by Vanity Estetik doctors.


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  1. That was beatiful experience for me. I want good results with a very good staff and doctors. I am in recovery period now but still i am talking with my doctor and coordinator from Vanity. You guys are perfect. Thx a lot.


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