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What is Spider Web Treatment and How is it Applied?


Spider web application, which makes the skin look younger, beautiful, and taut, does not require any surgery. Because of this, no scars or damage to the face are to be mentioned. This spider web facelift operation is briefly the process of suspending and stretching the skin by placing the threads just below the highest level of the skin with the help of a needle. It would be better to point out that Spider Web treatment is not currently provided by Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.

What is a spider web facelift?

spider web facelift

The facelift operation, which provides a natural aesthetic appearance to the person without any cutting process on the face, is called a spider web facelift. It is an aesthetic operation also known as Russian rope, Aptos, and silhouette lift. Straight or awned threads are used in this operation, were sagging on the face is easily stretched without pain. Fishbone ropes are generally used to suspend sagging areas.

Are spider webs used in medicine?

The skin surrounding all the internal organs acts as a shield. The skin itself can regenerate against possible wounds. However, this regeneration effect may be insufficient due to some skin diseases or severe skin wounds. In such cases, there is spider silk, which is highly preferred today. This natural spider silk, which has been in high support in the healing of wounds from the past to the present, has significantly supported the healing of the epidermal layers and has supported keratinization. Spider silk has also shown an effective healing effect in the treatment of wounds caused by burning.

How is spider web Aesthetics Performed?

The first condition in the application of aesthetic operations with spider web is the compatibility of the patient. The necessary tests and suitability of the person who wants to be aesthetic with spider web should be done by an experienced doctor and its suitability should be tested. If the patient is suitable, this aesthetic operation can be easily performed in an easy, short, and painless manner.

  1. The recovery period after the operation is also very short. The person can return to their normal life in a short time. 
  2. Natural anesthetic cream is applied to the operated area so that the patient does not experience any pain. 
  3. These spider webs, which are used in addition, do not have any danger, but they have the feature of self-dissolving easily.
  4. The application of this operation is in the lower part of the skin, close to the upper part of the skin, and a technique called tunneling is applied. 
  5. The threads used are of serrated polypropylene and intradermal structure and are placed under the skin through small openings with the help of a thin needle. 
  6. The main purpose of this operation is to make the skin more stretched and aesthetic with the thread.

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Is Spider Web Aesthetics Safe?

As in all aesthetic operations, experience is very important in spider web aesthetics. A safe spider web aesthetic operation gives extremely successful and reliable results when performed by an experienced and qualified doctor. In this aesthetic operation, which is performed both without surgery and without any incisions, sometimes small bruises may occur in the operated areas. However, these bruises disappear in a short time and do not cause any pain. Another important factor of this aesthetic operation, which is a safe procedure, is the polypropene threads used. These threads are surgical threads and their use in the field of health has been approved by the necessary places.

How long is the process of returning to normal life?

After the spider web facelift operation, many patients can return to their normal lives immediately. But some situations need attention. Particular attention should be paid to the mouth part so that the face is not damaged later when the face is lifted. Overexposure should be avoided. In addition, it is necessary to avoid making gestures. After the facelift operation, it is necessary not to lie face down and not to touch the face for a few weeks.

A few weeks after the operation, the person can return to his own life completely. However, redness and bruises may occur in this process. In addition to such effects, especially on sensitive skin, itching may occur. In case of any pain after the facelift operation, the person should not take painkillers himself. First of all, he should consult his doctor and use a pain reliever under the doctor’s recommendation. This is because pain relievers are not effective in cases such as bruising, redness, or itching.

What Are the Advantages of Spider Web Aesthetics?

spider web facelift

With the developing technology, this method, which is highly preferred compared to traditional facelift operations, is preferred by people because it is fast, non-surgical, and has a short recovery period. It can be applied under local anesthesia without losing the patient’s consciousness completely. Other advantages are listed below.

  • It shows its effect in a very short time.
  • It is a painless and painless process.
  • It does not leave any cuts or scars as it does not require surgery.
  • It is possible to return to normal life immediately after the operation.
  • It mostly has no side effects and is an easy operation.
  • Soluble threads are used.
  • The operation can be repeated when necessary.


How long is the effect period?

Face lift operations with spider web remain effective for up to two years. In addition, the operation can be easily repeated afterward, and since dissolving threads are used, no extra thread removal operation is required.

Which areas can be treated with spider web aesthetics?

Spider web aesthetic operation can be applied to many parts of the body. Among them:

  • Tightening face, cheek, eyebrow, forehead, and eyelid sagging
  • Correction of the impaired jaw line, loss of form around the lip, wrinkles around the lower eyelid, and neck lift
  • Tighten the sagging arms, inner legs, abdominal areas,

Who can undergo spider web aesthetics?

Spider web aesthetic operation can be applied to both men and women. Anyone who wants to delay the signs of aging, those who have sagging problems, and anyone who is facing the problem of loosening wrinkles on their face or body can have this operation.

Who can not undergo spider web aesthetics?

Although this operation is painless, easy, and effective, it is not suitable for some people. Especially in the case of pregnancy, people with bleeding disorders, those with infections such as upper respiratory tract and teeth, and cancer and epilepsy patients should not have this operation.

What are the side effects of spider web aesthetics?

This facelift operation generally has no side effects, but some sensitive skin may experience numbness, redness, itching, and minor bruises. These side effects are short-lived and should be controlled under the supervision of a doctor.

What is done during spider web aesthetics?

Before starting spider web aesthetic operations, the patient’s face is cleaned with a special cleaner, and cream is applied for local anesthesia. Then, with the help of small fine-tipped needles, the appropriate threads for stretching are started to be placed. Against the threads used, the body usually starts to produce fibroblasts and collagen. With this effect, results begin to be obtained immediately. The skin becomes tighter after the operation and the effect begins to be seen more clearly. A clear result is obtained after an average of 6 months. This whole operation is performed in an average of half an hour.

What should I expect after spider web aesthetics?

Patients who have this aesthetic operation can return to their normal life on the same day. They can put on their make-up and leave the hospital normally. Skin care products such as moisturizer and sunscreen should be used both after this operation and in normal life.

It would be better to point out that Spider Web treatment is not currently provided by Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.

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