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What Are the Benefits of Cryotherapy?


There is a growing number of health and wellness benefits that have been linked to whole-body cryotherapy. Some, like weight loss and anti-aging benefits, are well understood. However, others like treatment for chronic pain or athletic performance enhancement are just beginning to be explored. Whole-body cryotherapy benefits are a recent addition to the health and wellness scene.  One that may very well shape how the world views their self-care and minimally invasive, non-invasive surgery in the decades to come. It would be better to point out that Cryotherapy is not currently provided by Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.

Main Benefits of Cryotherapy

  1. Pain Relief -Cryotherapy can provide pain relief by decreasing the number of chemicals released from the brain that cause pain receptors to fire. 
  2. Improved Blood Flow – The extreme cold increases blood flow by constricting blood vessels. Also, making it easier for oxygenated blood to reach the extremities during exercise or post-workout recovery. 
  3. Decreased Inflammation – When we are injured our bodies release inflammatory proteins into our bloodstream in order to heal the damaged tissue. These inflammatory proteins increase inflammation which causes more pain and slows down healing times. Cryotherapy helps reduce these inflammatory proteins by cooling down our bodies
  4. Improves joint mobility – When you’re injured or have arthritis, your joints can become stiff and difficult to move. Cryotherapy helps improve joint mobility by increasing blood flow to the area that’s being treated. That increases oxygen supply and speeds up healing time for damaged tissues.
  5. Decreases muscle soreness after exercise – Exercise puts stress on our muscles and joints, which makes them sore afterward. Even if we didn’t feel any pain during exercise itself. Cryotherapy helps treat muscle soreness by cooling down swollen muscles after strenuous activity. So, they don’t retain as much lactic acid (the waste product that causes muscle burn).

What Are the Benefits of Facial Cryotherapy?

  1. Reduces puffiness – The cooling effect of cryotherapy reduces blood vessels in the face which reduces swelling. This helps to give your face a more youthful appearance by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Reduces inflammation – Cold temperatures can reduce inflammation which is why it’s used for treating acne breakouts. The cold temperature also helps with reducing redness caused by rosacea or other inflammatory conditions such as eczema.
  3. Improves circulation – The cold temperature increases blood flow which helps to boost collagen production and repair damaged skin cells. This improves overall skin tone and texture making it appear healthier and more radiant!

What Are the Pros and Cons Of Cryotherapy?


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1. Pros of Cryotherapy 

  • Cryotherapy can reduce inflammation and pain. Your skin cells shrink in response to the cold air. That causes blood vessels to narrow and restricts blood flow to the area. This reduces swelling and pain caused by inflammation.
  • It can help athletes recover from injuries faster. Athletes such as football players who suffer injuries that require downtime can use cryotherapy to accelerate their recovery time.
  • It can help you relax before an important event or performance by improving blood flow throughout your body. So, that you feel more awake and alert on stage or at work.

2. The Cons of Cryotherapy 

  • You’ll have to wait until the end of your session before you can walk around again. So, it’s not an ideal treatment for people who need an immediate fix for their pain or inflammation. Cryotherapy does not provide long-term relief from chronic pain or disease symptoms like heat does.

How Often Should You Go to Cryotherapy?

The amount and frequency of your cryotherapy sessions depend on your health goals.

  • If you’re looking to reduce muscle pain, improve sleep quality, or relieve stress, one session per week is recommended.
  • If you’re trying to lose weight, you can do cryotherapy three times per week with a day in between each session.
  • If you’re trying to improve athletic performance, two sessions per week with a day in between each session should be enough.

What Happens to Your Body After Cryotherapy?

To understand how cryotherapy works, let’s take a look at how your body reacts to cold temperatures. When exposed to extreme heat or cold, your body sends more blood to its core to keep it warm. This dilates the blood vessels in your skin, allowing more blood to flow through them. This increases the volume of blood in your body and reduces pressure in the capillaries. Tiny blood vessels that connect arteries with veins. That causes them to leak fluid into surrounding tissues (edema). This fluid buildup can cause swelling and pain.

In contrast, when you expose yourself to very cold temperatures (below 32 degrees Fahrenheit), your body experiences an opposite reaction. Shivering starts up as the body tries to warm itself up again by generating heat internally through muscle contractions (shaking).

How Cold Is Cryotherapy?


Most cryotherapy units produce temperatures that range from -110°F (or -79°C) up to -190°F (-87°C). These low temperatures are achieved by using either liquid nitrogen or dry ice pellets. The cold temperatures cause a rapid constriction of blood vessels in the area where they are applied. This constriction reduces blood flow through the injured tissue, which reduces swelling and inflammation.

The effects of cryotherapy last for about 20 minutes after the treatment has ended. However, some people experience day-long relief from their symptoms after receiving a single session of cryotherapy treatment.

Cryotherapy is a safe, effective, and non-invasive procedure that helps patients recover from an array of medical problems. Patients can expect to experience notable pain and stress relief during and after treatment. However, there are certain risks associated with cryotherapy that can affect certain patients. 

The future of health is in a very safe, reliable, and useful healthcare industry. As you can see from which fields the best solutions come from – cryotherapy definitely takes care of each of these points. From its simple mechanism to the safe use of each session. Cryotherapy is here for you, for your health, and for your prosperous well-being. 

It would be better to point out that Cryotherapy is not currently provided by Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.

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