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Turkey is The Preferred Choice for Cosmetic Surgery


The coronavirus first appeared in Wuhan (China) and has spread around the world with an enormous speed. In Turkey, the first official case was seen in March. Afterward, Turkey which preferred as a primary choice for health tourism is totally affected by border closures and the coronavirus restrictions. Health tourism was on hold by the stay-at-home orders. Now it is started to rise again with the ease of restrictions especially with the start of international flights.

Turkey reopened its borders for health tourists from 31 countries on May 20th. Together with this judgement, three thousand patients entered the country in the three-months period. Although coronavirus affect and force various industry to change, health tourism looks very promising in 2021.

14 days of quarantine made it easier to make the choice to get aesthetic surgery

As Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, we have taken the necessary precautions in line with the guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health and continue to serve with our experienced staff and provide high hygiene standards.

Many patients from England, Germany, France and Italy are visiting our clinic. Furthermore, Rhinoplasty, Brazilian butt (BBL), breast aesthetic operations and liposuction are the most preferred operations among our patients coming from abroad.

A number of countries are imposing a mandatory set-isolation period of 14 days for all arrivals. This situation made it easier to make the choice to get plastic surgery because it allows patients to heal at home and a lower profile not to be on sight.

There is a great interest of domestic patients for cosmetic surgery

There is a rise in domestic patients who requests plastic surgery during the coronavirus outbreak. Many people, who obey stay home orders due to the pandemic, turn these restrictions as an advantage for them. Through this restrictions, they can recover at home without a break.

Cosmetic surgery in Turkey!

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital has been performing various types of cosmetic surgeries in Turkey. If you are considering plastic surgery in Turkey and willing to learn the precautions that we take, please contact us to book a consultation!

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