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Shakira Before and After Plastic Surgery Journey


Shakira is one of the most popular singers in the world, with millions of fans all over the world. She has not been shy about admitting that she’s had some work done. But she has not confirmed or denied whether she’s had any other plastic surgery procedures. However, there are many rumors about what work she may have done. Let’s take a look at some of the gossip and see Shakira Before and After Plastic Surgery Journey.

Has Shakira Had Face Surgeries

Shakira Before and After

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Shakira’s plastic surgery is one of the most popular topics in the entertainment industry. The Colombian singer has been accused of having several plastic surgery procedures.


  • Butt cheeks, 
  • Hips, and 
  • Thighs have been slimmed down. 

She has also had her cheekbones raised. This was done to give her a more angular facial structure. Her lips have also been thinned out and given a fuller appearance. Shakira nose has been reduced in size just slightly but enough so that it is noticeable.

Shakira Face Lift

Shakira’s facelift operation is one of the most talked about beauty trends of the new year. The Colombian singer was born in 1977. She looks great for her age and has been under the knife to maintain her youthful appearance. 

Shakira plastic surgery history is mostly hidden. However, there are some things that have slipped by the media. Shakira’s facelift operation was done in 2016. She went under the knife when she was 37 years old. Shakira’s plastic surgery is clearly visible. Because she has a double chin and a bit of skin hanging over her neck area. However, this could have been fixed with liposuction instead of undergoing an invasive facelift procedure.

Shakira Rhinoplasty

In 2015, Shakira revealed that she had gone under the knife to correct her nostrils. She said was responsible for her breathing difficulties. She said that she had undergone several operations. However, none worked until someone suggested a nose job as an option for correcting her nostrils. She said that after the surgery, she finally got relief from her breathing issues and could breathe normally again. 

In addition, Shakira’s nose looked more beautiful aesthetically.

Shakira Breast Surgery

Shakira is best known for her music, which spans rock, Latin, and alternative ranges. But one thing about her that you might not know is that she’s had multiple cosmetic surgeries to improve herself. Shakira’s breast surgeries have especially garnered international notice. They’ve made her breasts larger and rounder. For this reason, she’s often referred to as “an idol of plastic surgery.

Shakira Tummy tuck

The singer Shakira had a tummy tuck plastic surgery operation. She is known to be one of the most beautiful artists in the world and she has been famous for her body figure. Many celebrities are going through plastic surgery operations in order to change their appearances. The latest news about Shakira was that she was getting a tummy tuck plastic surgery operation.

Shakira had a baby boy in January 2010. So, it seems like she wanted to restore her appearance back to normal again. Because she looked slimmer at that time than before. She has been seen wearing clothes that show off her flat stomach. That means that she must have already lost some weight recently but not enough yet for her liking! Therefore, Shakira has had tummy tuck operations and re-reached her tight appearance.

Shakira’s Liposuction plastic surgery operation

The truth is that Shakira had liposuction done on her face. And that made it possible for her to have fuller lips without having to undergo any other type of cosmetic surgery procedure at all. This makes it much easier for people who are interested in doing something similar. Because they don’t have to worry about having multiple surgeries or spending lots of time recovering from their procedures at all. They can simply get liposuction done on their face and then have the extra fat taken out of their body. And those fats can be used to increase the fullness of their lips without having to worry about anything else at all!

Shakira Before Botox Treatment

Shakira Before and After

Shakira has been popular with her beautiful face and perfect lips. Her face was full of youthfulness, which made her look stunningly beautiful. But as time passed by, she started facing the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines on her face. In order to get rid of these problems; she decided to undergo Botox treatment. That was in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on her face.

Shakira After Botox Treatment

After going through this treatment, Shakira looks even more beautiful than before. Because there are no visible signs of aging left on her face anymore. She looks younger now, with a smooth and flawless skin tone that makes people around her envy her.

Shakira Beauty Secret

Shakira is always in good shape, no matter what she does. The Colombian singer has an amazing body, which is not surprising because Shakira works hard to stay in shape.

Shakira also has a perfect face and skin. But what is her secret? The answer is plastic surgery! The singer has undergone numerous operations over the years to enhance her appearance and make it more attractive.

She had

The star says that she is happy with her current look and does not want any major changes made to it.

The famous singer Shakira is always looking young and beautiful. The operation and plastic surgery have been regarded as a justifiable way of helping her look forever young and beautiful. In addition, she is also a good role model for other women as her fame can be attributed to such an odorous thing as a plastic surgery operation.

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