Breast Augmentation for Athletes


Female athletes have low body fat and have a muscular body. While the sport ensures that most people have the toned arms, abs and legs they desire; It may cause melting especially in the chest area. Athletes with small breasts want to have fuller breast lines; may prefer breast augmentation surgery.
With developing technology, all aspects of the procedure have become suitable for athletes. This allows patients to enjoy the natural-looking enhancement that gives them the contours they want without interfering with their physical activity or ability.

Implant size

Implant size is the most important issue of breast augmentation. Although the aim of the treatment is to enlarge breasts, it would not be right to lose the athletic structure and natural appearance by choosing too large implants. In order to achieve a natural appearance, the surgeon recommend to choose small and medium-sized implants to avoid implants that would interfere with an active lifestyle.

Implant type

The type of implant used for breast augmentation is also important. Since athletes have dense muscle and low-fat ratio, their skin is firm. It is especially important to choose an implant that looks and feels like natural body tissues, without extra skin or body fat to help the implants blend in.

Implant location

Thirdly, considering a breast augmentation procedure is implant placement. The surgeon may choose to place the implant either above or below the chest muscle. It should not be forgotten that the aim of the treatment is to achieve the most natural appearance. Athletes can also get natural results by placing implants under the breast muscle.

Recovery after breast augmentation

The healing process is vital to the ultimate success of breast augmentation. This process can be difficult for athletic patients, as physical activities must be interrupted while the body is recovering. Walking can be resumed after surgery, but heavy activities such as running and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least six to eight weeks. Normal exercise routines should not be resumed without the doctor’s approval.

Breast augmentation in Turkey

If you are unsatisfied with the size and shape of your breasts, a breast augmentation can restore balance and proportion to your figure while giving you a more youthful, shapely bust. To learn more about what breast implants can do for you, contact Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in Turkey and schedule your consultation.


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