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Ultherapy is a non-surgical treatment whose efficiency and safety is approved by FDA. It is used to treat the age-related floppy skin on face and neck regions.


Collagen fibers which support the skin and under-skin tissues, loose their elastic properties over time. This causes a decrease in skin firmness and the formation of droopy skin. Face lift or neck lift operations are preferable in severe skin sagging. However, medium skin sagging does not necessarily require a surgical treatment.

Methods like laser are very effective in the treatment of age-related changes in skin such as fine lines. However, these methods are more effective on skin than subcutaneous tissue. What makes ultherapy different than other methods is that it allows the direct treatment of tissues under the skin. The micro-focused sound waves of ultherapy device create lots of small damage areas that reaches a temperature of 60-70 degrees in 3- 4.5 mm depth. This heat affects collagen molecules that support the skin and causes these fibers to denaturate.

Ultherapy’s effect has two phases: In the first stage, collagen fibers, which are exposed to high temperatures, are denatured and shorten. This way, skin lift effect of ultherapy is ensured. In the second stage, collagen fibers are reformed by repairing the under-skin tissue. This stage lasts about 90 days and maximized the effects of Ultherapy.

Ultherapy is usually implemented as a single session. The operation does not cause any pain. The patient can immediately return to daily life.

Ultherapy may be applied alone but it can also be combined with other anti-aging applications.