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Mommy Makeover

Postnatal period is a beginning of a new life for most women but it is also a period for them to get used to the changes on their body.


The changes that we frequently come across and most of the patients complain about may include stretch marks on breasts, droopy breasts, droopy belly, loss of firmness on anterior abdominal wall, regional fat deposition, stretch marks on the skin of arms, vaginal widening and destruction of vaginal anatomy. Additionally, breastfeeding and milk pumps results in serious changes in the appearance of breasts and may cause a deflated-balloon appearance.

The most common operations to glorify the breasts are breast reduction, mastopexy and breast augmentation. Breast reduction and mastopexy operations leave scars on breasts: a circular line around the colored area on breasts and a vertical short scar. Breasts are reshaped by reducing the breast tissue and upholding the floppy nipple.

The most important action in these operations is to achieve the maximum possible symmetry, to uphold the nipple without damaging its circulation and sensation and create a beautiful appearance.