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Enlarged breasts, also known as Gynecomastia is a problem which causes a disturbance in body perception and low self-esteem. Gynecomastia is mostly idiopathic and there is no particular reason behind it. It may occur as a result of hormonal disorder, some diseases or drug use. Therefore, in case a patient suspects Gynecomastia, the reasons behind it must be examined before starting a treatment.


Breast enlargement during adolescence is a normal physiological process and does not require medical attention. The complaints in this period disappears after adolescence. Therefore, gynecomastia surgery should not be operated before the age of 16-18 in which breast development continues. If gynecomastia, which appears as a result of obesity in young people, causes serious psychological problems, liposuction is possible.

Gynecomastia can be treated using different methods depending on the amount and content of breast tissue and the quality of the skin.

In case there is too much adipose tissue and no excess of skin, the only solution is liposuction. The fat around the breasts are melted and vacuumed out of the small cuts.

If there is no excess of skin and the breast tissue is very hard, liposuction alone may not be sufficient for treatment. In such cases, we may need perform liposuction and add a small cut right under the nipple, or using Ultrasound assisted liposuction (VASER). This will be decided by Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı after the medical examination. The cut is performed on the line where the colored area around the nipple and normal skin unite. Thanks to this process, the patient recovers with hardly any scars.

If there is an excess of skin, gynecomastia is treated with a cut under the nipple. This way, we can remove the excess of breast and adipose tissues as well as the droopy skin. This operation may leave scars whose size varies depending on the ptosis of the nipple. These scars begins to disappear after 6 months and becomes hardly visible.

Gynecomastia operations are performed under general anesthesia procedures. Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı may release the patient if he sees appropriate. The patient may return to daily life after 3 days. The patients may start doing heavy exercises only at the end of the 6th week.

The patients use special gynecomastia garments after the operation for 3 weeks in order to prevent fluid collection under the skin. These corsets do not limit the daily life and are easy to wear. They also do not limit the use of casual clothing.