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Genitals Plastic Surgery

Aging and giving birth cause changes in woman's genitals. Fat amount decreases, sagginess and color changes in the tissue occur. Procedures like labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and fat injections give the genitals their old look.


It is the reduction process of inner and outer labia which get loose and floppy over time. Depending on the amount of loose and floppy tissue, various methods might be applied. Op. Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı decides the best method for the patient during the medical examination before the operation. The objective is to make it natural looking and to preserve the sensitivity. You may return to daily life one day after the operation. You are not allowed to have sexual intercourse for 21 days.

Vaginoplasty (Vagen Tightening)

Vagina gets loose and floppy over time, which affects sexual life negatively. The tissues and muscles covering mucosa are treated separately in order to create a tighter and narrower vagina. This procedure tightens the muscles and removes the excess in mucosa. Vaginal walls and its muscles are repaired through vaginoplasty which requires a general anesthesia procedure. The patient may return to daily life after 2 days. You are not allowed to have sexual intercourse for 6 weeks.

Fat Injections

It is applied to reverse the volume loss in outer labia caused by aging. Fullness in the volume of mons pubis, which is apparent in hypogastric region and outer labia of younger individuals, is repaired through adipose tissue which is made of processed stem cells from any part of the body. A young and full appearance is achieved through transplantation of adipose tissues from your own body. An advantage of this procedure is that a partial thinning occurs in the area from which the adipose tissues are acquired. You can return to your daily life one day after the application.

We can perform these operations separately or all together or in dual-combinations. Genital plastic surgery is one of the post-natal plastic operations. It might be combined with abdominoplasty and mastopexy.