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Fat Injections

Deficiencies on face or body, caused by aging or traumas, can be treated using fat tissues taken from the patient’s own body. Fat injections can be used for facial rejuvenation, leg surgery, breast augmentation and butt lift.


The adipose tissue to be injected to the patient is obtained from the patient’s own body using liposuction method. The obtained adipose tissue is made rich in live fat cells and stem cells by passing through special operations. Recent studies have shown that adipose tissues contain large amounts of stem cells. These stem cells increase the body’s repair rate in the injected areas. They provide extra vitality and make the skin shine.

Fat injection for facial rejuvenation does not leave any scars on face. Deep wrinkles and grooves on the face can be filled using this method. Cheekbones can be made more explicit and lips can be thickened. Fat injections can be applied all over the face including the area around the eyeballs. The stem cells, transplanted through fat injections, provide extra vitality and shine.

Fat injections can also be used for breast augmentation. This way, it provides an alternative to breast enlargement operation through silicone prostheses.

Fat injections help reduce deficiencies in the legs and correct distortions and asymmetries. Fat injections can be combined with calf prostheses.

Adipose tissues, taken from belly or abdomen, are injected into buttock for butt lift purposes. This way, buttock becomes more explicit since the belly is thinner and the buttock looks upright and bigger thanks to fat injections.

Wherever applied, a small amount of transferred adipose tissue is dissolved by the body over time. Therefore, a little more than necessary is required in the first injection. In case of lack of tissue, injections might be repeated in 6- months- 1 year intervals.

The operation, which is performed under local or general anesthesia, creates 3 explicit effects: First of all, we observe a thinning effect on the area where the adipose tissue is removed. Secondly, we see fullness where the fat is injected. And lastly, stem cells revive the skin.

Fat injections can lead to more satisfying results in combination with other cosmetic interventions. Patients can return to daily life in 3-7 days depending on the accompanying operations.