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Brow and Forehead Lift

These operations are performed to lift the eyebrows and forehead. We aim to raise and relocate the displaced eyebrows. This operation also helps remove the lines around the eyes called crow’s feet.


Where To Hide The Scars Of Foreheadplasty?

There are various methods: Since scars will be 5-6 cm behind the hairline in classical methods, they will not be visible. In endoscopic methods, there will be a smaller scar which will also be behind the hairline. Therefore, it leaves less scar when compared to other methods. Each method has advantages and disadvantages depending on the amount of scars, adjustment ratio of forehead width, durability. The method is decided depending on the patient’s facial structure and her/his expectations.

Who Can Benefit From Browlift Operations?

The structure of eyebrows varies depending on the gender. Women have more curved eyebrows while men have more straight ones. Eyebrows are in harmony with eyes and nose with specific angles. Whether it is genetic or caused by aging, low eyebrows result in an unhappy and exhausted image on people. When the outer edges of eyebrows face down, it creates a sad look. Bringing back the usual shape and angles of the eyebrows creates a more dynamic image, brings out the eyes and leads to more lively and impressive looks. Brow lift operations are performed on people who seem sad and exhausted due to low eyebrows.

How Long Does The Operation Last? How Is The Surgery Performed?

In case that there is no need for a medical attention on forehead, lifting the edges of eyebrows will lead to a sharper and livelier image. The cut will be on hairy skin. The tissues between the hairy skin and eyebrows are lifted. The operation lasts about an hour and a half. It is enough to stay in the hospital for 24 hours after surgery. There might be slight swellings in the early postoperative period.