What is Breast Lift Surgery?


Mastopexy is also known as a breast lift. In a breast lift, a plastic surgeon raises and reshapes your breasts to give them a firmer, rounder look. The surgeon also removes extra skin around your breast and reduces the size of your areola — the colored circle around your nipple. With this popular surgical procedure, it is possible to provide a younger breast appearance. By the way, the size of the nipple that expands over time can be brought to normal levels.

Rejuvenate appearance with the breast lift

Pregnancy, weight loss, and having large breasts are the most common causes that breasts to get old fastly. In such cases, women may feel unhappy. They prefer the mastopexy operation to rejuvenate their figure with a breast profile that is more young and uplifted.

Combining breast lift and augmentation

Mastopexy is a basic operation that carries the nipple and areola and lifts the breast with eliminating the excess skin. The aim is to provide a younger appearance and this operation is a highly popular operation among women. The breast lift does not significantly change the size of your breasts or round out the upper part of your breast. Some women may want to enlarge their breast size as well as the breast lift. Therefore, in some cases, breast lift and breast augmentation are combined.

Mummy makeover: Mastopexy

A series of operations that are commonly applied to heal the deformations in women’s bodies after a birth is called mummy makeover. Mastopexy is a common practice within the scope of mummy makeover.
Although it is quite difficult to form a family and to give almost all your time to your children, it is a great feeling. However, you need to more focus on “you” during this time. If you think that your breasts are sagging after birth and breastfeeding, mastopexy may be the right choice for you.

Surgeon selection before the operation

You should be realistic about your expectations to get the look that you desire. It is important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your preferred application. However, first of all, it is necessary to choose an experienced aesthetic surgeon.

Breast Lift in Turkey!

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