Male vs. Female Rhinoplasty – What Are the Differences?


Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a “nose job,” will be a popular option for patients in 2020. The reason for the popularity of rhinoplasty is the role of the operation in breathing problems and successful improvement in its aesthetic appearance. 

In rhinoplasty, a personalized approach is required so that its appearance can be successfully improved. The most important criteria of personal approach is the gender. The operation is performed with a different perspective for men and women. It is important that the man will not have a feminine image with rhinoplast. And also, women will not have a more masculine expression.

Difference between Male and Female Anatomy

In general, men nose has a higher bridge and a wider medium nasal width. Men also have thicker skin over the nose. Post-Surgery recovery time may be slightly longer than women.

The female nose is usually more specific and sensitive compared to the male nose. Many women prefer a “supratip break”, a subtle indentation along the bridge just above the nose tip. This feature is typically not preferable in men since it makes the tip more feminine. A woman’s nose may also be slightly shorter than a man’s. This features are typically not preferable in men since it makes the tip more feminine. Another difference is the size. A woman’s nose can be shorter than a man.

Finally, there may be many differences, depending on ethnicity, the width of the nose, the dorsal hump positioning, and the angle of the section that appears under the nose wings.

Differences in rhinoplasty for men and women

The second major difference between male and female rhinoplasty is; the difference in the expectation of “ideal nose” for men and women.

Most men want a more prominent, strong nose with distinctive properties. For men, the tip of the nose is expected to be more low. The angle between the upper lip and nose is between 90 and 95 degrees.

On the other hand, women often prefer a upward-rotated nose tip. However, today’s ideal female nose is flatter and longer than the past, so many women prefer a more natural look.

It will be important to discuss and agree with the surgeon clearly about your expectations and results prior to the rhinoplasty operation.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

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