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Five Popular Myths About Rhinoplasty


The most popular procedure for men and women is rhinoplasty. Although it is a very common operation today, there are numerous myths and misconceptions about it. To put an end to these prejudices, we have compiled the right known mistakes and details about nose aesthetics for you.

#1 Rhinoplasty is just for women

Although women have been the traditional customers of plastic surgery, there are a number of ways in which men can benefit from plastic surgery, too. Men are equally self conscious about their appearances, but  they don’t admit it as openly as women.   

Many men also prefer rhinoplasty for medical reasons such as correcting a deviated septum or widening narrow nasal passages to make breathing through the nose easier. There are aesthetic differences between the male nose and the female nose. The operation is performed with a different perspective for men and women. It is important that the man will not have a feminine image with rhinoplasty. And also, women will not have a more masculine expression.

#2 I can have nose job at any age.

Contrary to what is known in nose job,  age is not a factor. The development of bone and cartilage structure is the key factor. In general, the surgeon controls the general health of the patient before surgery. Also, if the patient has developed a nose completely and wants to opt for rhinoplasty, the surgery can be performed after parental supervision.

#3 A rhinoplasty will look unnatural. 

The target of rhinoplasty is to improve the appearance of the nose and create a more balanced face. Plastic surgeon to aim to achieve this goal with natural outcomes.Plastic surgeons  ensure the nose complements an individual’s other facial features resulting in a balanced and natural-looking facial appearance.For natural outcomes, you should collaborate with your surgeon throughout before and after rhinoplasty. Nowadays, with the technological development many of his patients tell that their friends and family never even know they had a rhinoplasty.

#4 Rhinoplasty is a painful procedure

You won’t actually feel anything throughout the duration of your rhinoplasty procedure. Because you’ll either be under general or local anesthesia.  The healing process varies from person to person and operation to operation. After the surgery bruising and swelling show improvement within a maximum of 10 days. Your surgeon should give all details of your surgical process before surgery. It’s important because you must be completely informed before surgery. 

#5 You can pick nose which you saw on a celebrity

Singers, actors, models are attracting everyone with their charm, so everyone wants to look like them. But every person is unique and every nose is also unique. Commonly, people who prefer for rhinoplasty want their nose to look like their favorite celebrity’s nose. But, you should have realistic expectations. It does not mean that if a particular nose shape looks good on one person, then it would suit you as well. Surgeons do to enhance the nose shape that adds beauty to the face and not change it dramatically. 

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital has been performing various types of  plastic surgeries such as rhinoplasty in Turkey. If you’re considering undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure in Turkey please contact us to book a consultation!

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  1. Good informations about myths :). We fixed my broken nose with Mehmet Şak. He gave me nose that i want actually so people can believe some of those myths if they go Vanity 🙂

  2. When I think of rhinoplasty, the only name that comes to my mind is doctor Ihsan Turkmen. Vanity clinic is a very successful and very clean place. See you again

  3. We went to the vanity hospital for my daughter’s nose surgery. We were very pleased, they took good care of them. My daughter’s recovery was also very good. Thanks vanity hospital

  4. Two years ago I had a rhinoplasty surgery at Vanity hospital, now I can breathe comfortably and I love my nose very aesthetically. I am aware that nasal surgery is difficult, but with the attention and support of the doctors, I overcame it, 2 years have passed and I am very happy.


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