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Laser Rhinoplasty


Laser rhinoplasty aesthetically-speaking is the most preferred nose operation. However, it is not suitable for everyone. If you have a big and curved nose or Roman nose, you need to have rhinoplasty operation. This procedure is not suitable for you.

Compared to nose surgery, laser assisted rhinoplasty is simple and works like magic. It is possible to determine the operations to be applied on your nose only after you are medically examined. The skin on the nose surface is made thinner and the excessive skin tissues are reduced through laser rhinoplasty. In this procedure, your skin on the nose receives heat from lasers. We constrain the skin on the nose via laser. This way, we receive better results in smaller nose problems. You should see your doctor and decide whether reshaping your nose will satisfy your expectations or not. Laser Rhinoplasty, which provides better results through smaller touches, is widely-known and applied today.

The term “surgery” might be scary for many people. Due to the fear that patients may experience some complications after the surgery, laser rhinoplasty has become a highly-preferred operation. When we consider about recovery process including bruises, edemas, bleeding and bandages on nose after the operation, laser rhinoplasty is mostly a trouble-free process. The application lasts about 1-2 hours and the patients may return to their daily life in 1-2 days. Since it requires no surgery, people who have a shortage of time prefer this procedure.