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Success in Butt Augmentation

With butt augmentation surgery (which is called Brazilian Butt Lift when done with fat transfer), increasing the size of the butt and shaping it is aimed with butt implants, fat injection or sometimes with the combination of these two. The surgeon will prefer one of the various techniques and cutting techniques.

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Butt Augmentation Surgery

With butt augmentation surgery (which is called Brazilian Butt Lift when done with fat transfer), increasing the size of the butt and shaping it is aimed with butt implants, fat injection or sometimes with the combination of these two. The surgeon will prefer one of the various techniques and cutting techniques.

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Am I A Good Candidate For Butt Augmentation?

Butt augmentation surgery is a personal matter. You should choose to have this operation not because someone else wants you to or to reach any ideal look; you should choose to have this operation only for yourself. If you are physically healthy, you have realistic expectations, you think you have a small butt and that bothers you, the roundness or the general shape of your butt or your butt not being symmetrical upsets you; you are a good candidate.

Realistic Expectations

If you are physically healthy and you have realistic expectations about butt augmentation

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If the roundness or the general shape of your butt or your butt not being symmetrical upsets you

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Excess Fat in Different Parts

If there is excess fat in different parts of your body which your surgeon can remove, purify and transfer into the butt for Brazilian butt lift.

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Patient Reviews

In Vanity Clinic, our primary aim is to give our patients top quality service and making sure they have this important experience in the way they are pleased the most by being with them for their every need in the step they took to change themselves.

More than just surgery

Having a plastic surgery is an unforgettable experience that changes you. We are here for your every need. Our patient has felt that way and is ecstatic with her Vanity experience.

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The Right Choice

Ka, our patient from abroad mentions the difference our team makes when explaining he loved the results of the revision surgery she underwent.

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Only choose the best doctors

Our patient from London has done her research carefully all around the world to find Dr. Güray to erase past failed plastic experiences. She is very content with the results.

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What Are The Options For Butt Augmentation Surgery?

There are two types of butt augmentation surgery, butt implant and Brazilian butt lift. Butt implant is placed inside the muscle or over gluteal muscle in both sides. For Brazilian but lift surgery, fat is transferred via liposuction from other parts of the body (such as back, tummy, hips and thighs). The removed fat is purified via centrifuge, and only the tissue in the best condition is injected in the butt.

A natural appearance and feeling is created by making the injection in different depths of the butt by using small tubes.

How Do I Pick a Surgeon

Butt augmentation procedures (with implants or fat injection), are surgical procedures. For that reason, the 2 most important factors to achieve a successful and healthy result are the surgeon and the conditions of surgery.


Butt augmentation surgeries of Vanity Aesthetics are performed by Surgeon Güray Yeşiladalı. He has performed over 2000 successful surgeries in Germany, USA and Turkey in aesthetic and plastic surgery over the years.

Conditions at the Hospital

Every surgery of Vanity Aesthetics is performed in A+ hospitals that have JCI certificate, and that have the best hospital award of European Assembly 2016. A professional medical team assists Surgeon Güray Yeşiladalı during surgeries.

Before and After Photos

You can get a free examination, look at before and after photos of previous patients and learn about their experiences at Vanity Aesthetics. Besides, you can ask Doctor Güray about everything you want to know.

Which breast augmentation method is suitable for you?

Which technique is suitable for you is decided based on the following criteria: The size and shape of the butt The amount of fat in your body that is suitable for liposuction Your goals and level of activity The quality and flexibility of your skin, the amount of excess skin

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Surgical Procedure

Breast augmentation surgery usually takes 1-2 hours. The necessary time, to an extent, depends on how and where the implants will be placed.

Making the Cut (Butt Implant)

Cuts can be made close to the upper parts of butt cheeks, down where cheeks meet or between the cheeks, or on each butt cheek. Or, a single cut can be made below tailbone or between cheeks.

Placing Implants (Butt Implant)

Implants specially created for butt are located either in the muscle or over gluteal muscle on both sides. The method that will be used to place the implant and to adjust its location depends on the type of implant, the amount of the desired size increase, your body type and the suggestions of your surgeon.

Closing the Cuts (Butt Implant)

If the cuts are in the butt tissue, they are closed with layers of stitches; if they are on the skin, they are closed with stitches, skin adhesive or surgical tape.

Results (Butt Implant)

The results of butt augmentation surgery become visible immediately after the surgery. The swelling that occur after the operation disappears over time, and cut marks start to become vague.

Liposuction (Brazilian Butt)

Liposuction is performed with small and unnoticeable cuts. First, diluted local anesthesia is applied on the area to decrease bleeding and trauma. Afterwards, a thin and empty tube is placed from the cuts, and excess fat is loosened with controlled movements. The fat that is moved around are then removed from the body via surgical vacuum or an injector placed in a tube.

Fat Injection (Brazilian Butt)

The fat, tissue and blood taken from the body with liposuction is processed. Then, injectors are tied to a special cannula. Your surgeon injects the processed fat in your butt through small injections via this cannula. In general, about one thirds of the fat taken is injected in the butt.

Results (Brazilian Butt)

The results of butt lift surgery are visible immediately after the surgery, but the butt to take its final form happens 1 year after the surgery. The settling of the fat takes time. The results of this surgery appears natural and feels natural. However, the size of the butt may decrease over time. A part of the size gained right after surgery disappears because a part of the fat is absorbed by your body (approximately 60-80% of the injected fat is permanent, more or less is permanent can be different patients). As it heals and as you notice that your wish to have a more sizable butt is realized, your satisfaction with your new appearance will also increase, because the fat that is transferred may decrease or increase just like the fat in other parts of your body.


Butt Implant: Infection, The cut being open and the implant getting out (implant should be removed), Scar, Nerve damage, Stiffness, Decaying of the implant, The implant changing place, Fluid accumulation (seroma), Pressure on sciatic nerve, Risks of anesthesia
Brazilian Butt: Excess blood loss, Clots, Bruising, Deep vein thrombosis, complications related to heart and lungs, Situations that require corrective surgery, Numbness and pain, Fat embolism, Infection, Fluid loss and lidocaine poisoning, Complications resulting from liposuction, Complications resulting from anesthesia, Swelling and bruising, Asymmetry, Loss of fat tissue that is deep in the skin (fat necrosis), Risks of anesthesia,


What Should I Expect?

Increase in size, roundness of the butt and its level of standing out. Improvement of your body shape. Increase of your confidence and satisfaction with your body

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The Process after Butt Augmentation

Your surgeon will explain to you how long after the surgery you can go back to your normal level of activity and job. Following the surgery, you and the person who will take care of you will be informed about your post-surgery care. This information will include the following: Drains (if drains have been used), normal symptoms you are expected to experience and symptoms of complications

1 - 4

Fluid Drainage

There may be fluid drainage for a few days through the cuts in which your surgeon inserted tubes or implants. Drains are generally placed to move the fluid flow away from the area of surgery.

5 - 10

Tight Clothes

You will wear special tight clothes to keep your butt area tightened. Your doctor will state how long you will wear these (generally a few months).

7 - 10


You may feel pain while the effect of anesthesia disappears. If the pain is too much or it lasts long, contact your doctor. There will also be swelling after the surgery. Contact your surgeon to learn if your pain and swelling is normal or an indicator of a problem.

11 - 21

Going Back to Work

You can go back to work, driving or going to cinema after 10-14 days. However, you have to use a pillow to prevent pressure being applied on your butt when you sit down. You can go back to work, but you have to use a pillow when sitting down.

22 - 42

You Will Start Sitting Down

You are free to sit down and drive from the 3rd week onwards following the surgery (again, with a pillow). You are advised to start doing stretching exercises from the 3rd week onwards.

43 - 180


You can go back to exercising 8-10 weeks after the surgery. However, if complications occurred in the area of surgery, you may have to wait for 3-4 months before you go back to exercising.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to be In a Certain Body Size or Weight to be able to have a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Not always. Many aesthetic surgeons suggest that candidates of Brazilian butt lift surgery to have 10-15 kg more weight than their ideal weight, so that there is enough fat to be taken with liposuction (the reason for this is that the fat will decrease after being purified). However, if your surgeon tells you that you have enough fat that will allow your surgeon to successfully carry out the surgery, your weight and body size doesn’t matter. If you don’t have enough fat at the time of your first consultation, your surgeon may suggest the use of a butt implant or you to gain weight before Brazilian butt lift surgery.

How Long Do I Have to Stay If I Come From Out Of Town To Have Butt Implants?

For all implant surgeries, it is necessary to spare 1-2 days for recovery after the surgery. Your surgeon will inform you if there is any change during this process.

Where Can Fat Cells Be Taken For Brazilian Butt Lift?

The fat cells that will be used for Brazilian butt lift surgery are not necessarily taken from a certain part of the body, because liposuction can be applied on many parts of the body. Many patients prefer the fat to be taken from tummy area, waist area or thighs, because the results are more apparent and effective with the thinning that is achieved in these areas.

Is Butt Implant Surgery Painful?

You will not experience any pain during the procedure because you will be under anesthesia. You will be asleep during the whole procedure. These will be explained to you in detail in your consultation. All kinds of pain and discomfort you may experience after the surgery will be resolved with medication. This pain and discomfort generally decreases in a few days.

When Can I Go Back To Work after Butt Implant?

This changes depending on the procedure that is implemented and on the patient. Some patients recover from surgical operations faster than others. However, many patients can go back to work in 7-10 days. Your surgeon will inform you about the necessary time. If complications occur, you may need to stay away from work for longer.

How Long Do The Results of Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

It may be months before your butt takes its final form after Brazilian butt lift surgery. During this process, some of the transferred fat cells may be reabsorbed by your body, especially if you apply pressure during the first few weeks after the surgery. After recovery is completed, if your weight does not change drastically and if you live healthily, the obtained result may be permanent for years, even decades.

Which Tests Are Required Before Butt Implant Surgery?

Every patient who will go under general anesthesia should have basic blood and urine analyses, and female patients should have a pregnancy test. Your surgeon will inform you about this matter during your consultation.

How Long Does It Take For Me To See The Final Results Of Butt Implant Operation?

This depends on the procedure that is implemented and on the patient. While some patients bruise easily, this is not the case for others. Swelling and some level of bruising appears usually after the operation. Both of those usually disappear in 1-2 weeks. The final result of the operation can usually be seen after a few months.

How Long Does Butt Implant Surgery Last?

It generally depends on the type and scope of procedure.

Will Marks of Surgery Remain After Butt Implant?

Yes, but these will usually be unnoticeable. Your surgeon will try to keep the cuts on minimum length and hide them between natural lines and creases. The marks disappear over time and become hardly noticeable.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Fat Cells For Fat Transfer in Brazilian Butt Lift?

No. The results of Brazilian butt lift surgery are realistic, because your body recognizes the fat cells that are transferred, and brings them together with the tissues in the area. If someone else’s fat is transferred in your body, your butt thinks they are foreign substances, and doesn’t absorb it.

Questions To Ask Your Surgeon

Be informed about the security of plastic surgery by asking your surgeon about their past. Asking these questions and following these suggestions may be helpful for you to plan your procedure:

Types of Operation

Which types of butt augmentation surgeries do you perform?

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How often do you perform butt augmentation surgeries?


Which options do you offer for butt augmentation?


What is the cost of this procedure? What is included in the price?


What are the risks of butt augmentation surgery?

Success Rate

What is your success rate in this operation?


May I see the before-after photos and evaluations of your previous patients?


How many years of experience do you have?

After the Operation

What kind of post operation follow up do you offer?

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Recovery Process

It is crucial that you follow every instruction about care that your surgeon informs you about. These instructions include information about wearing compression clothes, care of drains, use of antibiotics (if prescribed) and level and type of activity that is secure for you.

Besides, your surgeon will inform you about normal symptoms you will experience and indicators of complications you may experience. The time required for recovery changes drastically from person to person.

Right after the Surgery

There may be fluid drainage for a few days through the cuts through which your surgeon placed tubes or implants. You will wear special tight clothes to keep your butt area tightened. You may experience some pain while the effect of anesthesia disappears. Some level of bruising and swelling can occur in the butt area during recovery process. This may spread through the stomach and thigh area. This is a normal situation, and it starts to decrease in a few days or a few months.

The First Two Weeks

The drains will stay connected in the first 7 weeks. The aim of this is to prevent fluid accumulation and leakage through the cuts. In the first 10 days, sitting down is prevented (except for when in the toilet). After this period, you may sit down with a soft pillow you will place below your hamstring muscles in a way it would not touch your butt. In this way, your butt remains in the air and pressure is not applied over it.

Between the Second and Eighth Week

Direct pressure should not be applied to the butt for at least 8 weeks. For that reason, sitting down without a pillow is forbidden during this process. You should wear the compression clothes that cover the whole body for 6-8 weeks. You are advised not to buy new clothes for at least 3 months.

Recovery is Slow but the Results are great

The main result of your butt augmentation surgery may not be noticeable in the beginning because of the swelling. As the swelling disappears (which may sometimes last up to 3-6 months), the real results of the operation will be more visible.

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Buttocks Lift

Buttock is of great importance for the body shape of women. Buttocks and breasts are the most vital factors of female figure. Floppy and small buttocks will cause the legs to seem shorter than it actually is. Therefore, fuller, round, raised and short buttocks look better. Buttock seems nice only when in harmony with the legs and lumbar region. Therefore, shaping legs and lumbar region through lipolysis and liposuction is quite important for overall appearance. Buttock implants and fat injections are applied in buttock implant operations.

Buttock Implants

Buttock is lifted by placing silicone implants through the cut between the two sides of buttock. After this operation, there will be no visible scars. Silicones for buttock augmentation and lift are special productions and they are completely safe like the ones used in breast enlargement operations. Silicone buttock prostheses must be placed in proper locations within muscles so that they will not be noticed. Patients can stand up and walk in the same day after the butt implant operation. It can be applied under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. Liposuction and body-shaping might be applied in a combination with buttock implant operation. About 1 week after the procedure, you can return to your daily life.

Fat Injections (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Your buttock can be lifted by transferring the adipose tissue from your body to your buttock. First the adipose tissue is removed through liposuction, and then it is purified after special operations and injected wherever necessary. After this procedure, the patients will not have any stitches or scars. Approximately 40% of the fat tissue, which is taken from another part of the patient’s body and transferred to this area for buttock lift purposes, will dissolve within weeks. Therefore, during the buttock lift operations through fat injections, the patient is injected with fat which is more than necessary. The adipose tissue, which will be used in fat injections, can be taken from waist or abdomen. Therefore, we do not only enlarge and lift the buttock, but we also help the waist and abdomen get thin and in shape. About 3 days after the procedure performed under general anesthesia, you can return to your daily life.

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