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Breast Lift

Losing weight, giving birth and time cause the breast tissue to get floppy and lose its volume. Especially in the post-breastfeeding period, breast tissue constantly reduces and gets floppy, which leads to bad-looking breasts. Since breasts are of great importance for women’s perception of body, bad-looking breasts lead to low self-confidence.


Nipple level, skin quality and the amount of breast tissue is examined before the operation. Doctor and the patient will decide the most suitable operation method: breast lift or a combination of breast lift and breast enlargement. Both the structure of the breasts and the patient’s postoperative expectations play an important role in the decision-making.

The objective of breast lift operation is to create round and upright breasts by minimizing the scars. For this purpose, there are a lot of different techniques applied. Op. Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı will choose the most suitable technique for you before the operation.

After the breast lift operation, there will be easily-recovering and hardly visible scars around the nipples and going down from there to breast fold. In some cases, there must be a scar left in the form of reverse T in the breast fold. The stitch marks will start to disappear after the operation and they will be hardly-visible in 9-12 months.

During the examination, if the doctor decides that the breast tissue is insufficient for breast lift, the breast lift operation can be combined with breast enlargement operation through silicone prostheses. In this process, you will have bigger breasts without any extra scars. Appropriate-sized silicone prostheses can be placed under breast muscles or muscle fascia.

Breast lift operations or a combination of breast lift and enlargement operations do not cause any loss in breast sensation. It is possible to breastfeed again.

This process is applied under general anesthesia and lasts for 1 – 2 hour. The patient may start short walks on the same day. During the 2-month period after the operation, the patient uses a sports bra that wraps around the breast tissue. Patients can return to their daily lives in about 1 week after the operation.